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Lillee Jean Blue Eyeshadow Model Actress 2023

About Lillee Jean 

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           Lillee Jean Trueman, professionally known as Lillee Jean, and "LJ", (born April 18, 2001, in New York City), is an American entrepreneur, director, filmmaker, actress, model, and anti-bullying advocate. Lillee Jean is best known for her creative web series' that include “Lillee Jean TALKS! Live” (IMDB), where numerous award-winning Hollywood entertainers and innovators have guested on, Mind Over Beaute, an empowering beauty-related show, Style Your Lillee, an interactive fashion show and, Voyager, a travel webseries. Additionally, she has modeled for magazines such as Malvie Magazine, Fashion Haunts, Indie Blush, and Sephora, as well as being featured on Cover Girl's Billboard at their Time Square store in 2016. In her forthcoming film, Project: Bullyish, she recites her unbelievable experience of being stalked and bullied online, over the past five years. The filmmaker hopes her film will shed light on internet dangers, as well as tell her story.

     Jewish and Lutheran, her ethnicity spans France, England, Germany, Russia, and, Ukraine. Her ancestors immigrated to the United States from Europe at the turn of the century. Her mother, Laur Trueman, is the manager and CFO of Lillee Jean Beauty, Inc. Her previous experience includes providing small props to studios such as Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures. Among her past works are Mad Men, the Men in Black trilogy, Public Enemies, Gotham, and The Alienist.

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Coming Up

During her childhood, LJ experienced two significant turning points. After hearing the cold facts about diabetes from her doctor in elementary school, she decided that changing her diet would be warranted since diabetes runs in her family. She also faced adversity at school from other students, who teased her for being overweight. LJ opened up in a segment for Under Dogs Collective, about bullying and discussed her pre-diabetic condition.


     Lillee Jean's fascination with art and film began at an early age, when she created stop-motion videos for her American Girl dolls, on her blog. She also participated and performed in many dance performances in school, including a Nutcracker play and a Wizard of Oz-themed show. ​


    As she grew up, she began watching YouTube makeup tutorial videos and became fascinated by the artistry other artists had created, using different techniques, textures, and colors. Eventually, she created a YouTube channel, self-published her tutorials on her blog (often referred to as "thaeyeballqueen"), and posted look submissions to Beautylish's community forums. She later, as a teenager, created 'Lillee Tutorials', an episodic series of beauty tutorials for her website.


Lillee Jean's filmography 

           Lillee Jean is a director, producer, and writer of her own impactful short films. These films include educational pieces about plastic straws and historical pieces that examine women in history juxtaposed with society's perceptions of an era, and the truth. She created Lillee Jean TALKS!, a web series that interviews award-winning directors to renowned actors and singers. Lillee Jean also created Style Your Lillee, a fan-voluntary webseries that allows fans to choose what LJ should wear for certain occasions, Voyager, a travel webseries, and Mind Over Beaute, a series centered around female empowerment, inner strength, and confidence. At the moment, she is working on Project Bullyish, a documentary about online bullying.

Lillee Jean Mind Over Beaute
Lillee Jean Project Bullyish

Women empowerment. Enviornment. Online Bullying.

        As a teenager, Lillee Jean was subjected to an online organized bullying campaign that left her feeling isolated, diminished, threatened, and slandered. As an excuse for "having fun," the cybercriminals repeatedly doxed, called in fake police tips, and swatted her online. These faceless, nameless individuals' irresponsible actions affected her severely.

A number of articles have been written on her behalf on the subject and eventually, she wrote her own Op-Ed piece for Medium about Anti-Semitism as well as online bullying. Lillee Jean uses her platform as a forum for discussing the issues that matter most to her. She created Bullyish in 2022 as a platform for raising awareness about online bullying. Her advocacy for her generation includes social media outreach. She is currently working on Project Bullyish, a film about cyberstalking and online bullying.


    Her other passion is climate change, and, spreading the word about the devastation we face as a planet if our ways do not change. She was requested by Choose Today, an Oslo, Norway company made up of entrepreneurs, engineers, and climate change experts, to help spread the word with a video and photo campaign in 2018. Additionally, she joined the UNFCCC in spreading awareness of the environment through an Instagram video. As a result of this experience, she created her own Instagram account called 1Change4Change to discuss plastic pollution in the world.


 In 2021 Lillee Jean teamed up with Inspiring Girls, for their #Thislittlegirlisme campaign, to inspire the next generation of young entrepreneurs. Later, she had on Miriam González Durántez for Lillee Jean TALKS! Live, to discuss female empowerment. In 2022, Lillee Jean met with Inspiring Girls Panama to discuss female empowerment, and, a girl's power to ability and succeed. The discussion was a part of Voyager, her webseries.

Lillee Jean - Inspiring Girls #ThisLittleGirllsMe Campaign (Nonprofit) 2021


Lillee Jean Interview Ways To Develop More ‘Grit’ With Authority Magazine



Lillee Jean has had the honor of being interviewed by many popular digital publications over the last five years. In the summer of 2016, Oscar Benjamin, from IndieBlush Magazine, conducted her first interview in a four-page spread. Lillee Jean's 2018 Barbie tweet went viral when Mattel, on their Barbie Twitter account, in response to #siblingsday, asked if anyone knew Barbie's real name. Several high-profile outlets such as PopBuzz, NBC News, and The Indian Express endorsed the tweet. During the same year, she was also featured on Marvel Entertainment's TV series, Earth's Mightiest Heroes, where the question of what hue Spider-Man actually is was raised. Lillee Jean ranked #5 on Launch Metrics' Top Influencers for Premium Brands for Tarte Cosmetics, and she was Yahoo's Top Influencer of the Year for 2020 (#5).


Lillee Jean's work has been featured in The Hollywood DigestYahoo Finance, Thrive Global, Medium, BuzzFeed, Swaay, Authority Magazine, Grazia DailyInfluenciveKansas City News, Fashion Haunts Magazine, among others.

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Lillee Jean Talks! LIVE - Lillee Jean X SOLVED Skincare
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