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About Lillee Jean

Lillee Jean Trueman, known professionally as Lillee Jean, (born on April 18, 2001, in Yonkers, New York), is an entrepreneur, content creator, model, actress, environmentalist, and anti-bullying advocate.  By seven years old, her many interests had already come to light and included painting and drawing, sculpting, and early photography. 

            When Lillee Jean was around eight years old she noticed a dark stain that was becoming larger on her neck. She researched what this was and realized that she was pre-diabetic (diabetes runs in her family), and made a conscious decision to become proactive on changing her own eating habits. She incorporated clean eating into her life, which for a child is hard within itself, as well as ensuring that she added in more daily fun exercise activities to maintain her weight. She never asked anybody for help, and, was able to avoid medication to control the onslaught of diabetes through this simple but effective change in her life.

            As a young child, Lillee Jean was interested in all subjects and started using a laptop to navigate the world wide web, quickly piquing her curiosity into arts and entertainment. At the age of seven, she started painting, drawing, sculpting as well as working with stop motion photography. While her childhood was ordinary, her interests were not. She became an avid collector of dolls (Disney Princesses being her favorite), and has amassed an impressive collection of rare Disney, American Girl, and Barbie dolls she retains in mint condition. Her first artistic endeavor was videography and blogging (her first blog was on doll collecting), which she developed and wrote without any help, and put up on the internet by herself, at the age of ten. This blog can still be viewed online at https:// americangirldolldiscoverys.blogspot.com.

Coming Up

    She enjoyed the vlogging, and, made it into a site that her friends and her could hang out on, share, as well as chat with each other online. Through this phase, Lillee Jean created interactive stop motion stories for her friends, taking hours to position them for the different storylines she created. She soon discovered, while she loved the stop motion, she also had other interests that blossomed, one of which would take her career in new directions.


       Lillee Jean started slowly evolving into the artistry of makeup and spent hours watching artists utilize colors, contours, and light to create, as well as enhance looks. This has become a love that has stuck with her, and she has developed her own style of textures and blending that befits her own characteristics.


When she was ten she started her own makeup vlog under the pseudonym “thaeyeballqueen”, which she updates regularly under the website www.thaeyeballqueen.com. Her original blog from when she was 10 years old remains up at www.themakeupbloggers.blogspot.com.

      Lillee Jean attended a regular elementary school in College Point, New York. She continued her middle school and high school education (up until 10th grade) in Bayside, New York. When Lillee Jean started to become more involved with her artistry, she attended The Keystone School, an online homeschooling program of which she graduated with a GPA of 3.96. 

Lillee Jean at ULTA Give Gather Glow Event getting makeup done by Makeup By Freddy TARTE COSMETICS


Lillee Jean’s great-great-grandmother, escaped Alsace-Lorraine, France in the 1880s as a result of Germany’s takeover, immigrating to America through Ellis Island, to forge a new home. On her mother’s side, her great-great-grandmother, whose family were considered wealthy Jews in the Ukraine, were forced out of their home by the Tsar's army. They too immigrated to the United States through Ellis Island.

Lillee Jean’s parents, Laura Rene Marks-Trueman and Diamond Earl Trueman have been married since 1986. Her mother has provided props as a contractor, for the entertainment industry for over 25 years, working with Paramount Studios, Warner Bros., and Lionsgate, among others. She has worked on Mad Men, Men in Black trilogy, Public Enemies, Gotham, and The Alienist, to name a few.

Her father was a session drummer from the late 1960s through the mid-1970s and has worked with various music studios, backing up well-known artists such as Leslie West, before he joined Mountain in the late 1960s. He also worked with Jimi Hendrix, and Alvin Lee. Raised by his aunt and his uncle, who was the Vice President of Universal Artists, he played in most of the popular rock 'n roll and jazz clubs throughout the 1970s in New York City. His band was signed to RCA in 1968, but the Vietnam Occupation changed all that, breaking them up before they could record their first tracks.