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Lillee Jean - How A Cyberstalker Built A Crumbling Lie About Me Op-Ed

Lillee Jean Cyberbullying — How A Cyberstalker Built A Crumbling Lie About Me by Lillee Jean
Lillee Jean Cyberbullying — How A Cyberstalker Built A Crumbling Lie About Me by Lillee Jean

My name is Lillee Jean/ Today I revise this article in 2023, and, realize it has been 5 years since my life was torn apart. I realize this shouldn't be just a documentary, but a screenplay, and book. Knowing all the facts so many years later, I can't help but think "Someone's mom created a cult against me? What the hell did I do to deserve the pain that would be everlasting, at 18 years old?" The below article is shocking, factual, and made my life a living nightmare in seconds, minutes, and hours of the day. The lasting effect of what this woman created, the mass hysteria, the doxxing, the cult, still exists even today. This was not cyberbullying, this evolved very quickly into cyberstalking.

What Is Cyberstalking?

beckysuetattoo Rebecca Albert Aaron Albert
All of these are the same woman. Ronniesawyer_, Bffdees, Dianeawesomelaser, d_awesomelaser, TheWaywardEgg -- All Mrs. Albert.

(Example of BexSue on Twitter, and Reddit. This is D_Awesomelaser's true identity. The woman who caused all my pain as a teenager, and formed all the lies, and encouraged the neo-nazi sites to grow with her alternative realities. BexSuePeePants (BeckySueTattoo) would later become Rebecca Arthur Thomas Albert's account along with C_Awesomlaser, the husband, back and forth tormenting and tagging brands together. Notice how she is a victim within the screenshots from 2019.)

To understand how this happened to me, and my family, one must analyze and understand first the difference between cyberstalking, and cyberbullying. Clinically, according to Arlin Cuncic, “Cyberbullying is the repeated and intentional use of digital technology to target another person with threats, harassment, or public humiliation.” While, on the other hand, cyberstalking is a whole different world. It's constant, nonstop, like all the air was sucked out of the room.

"Cyberstalking includes....a person sending you inappropriate messages, liking all of your old posts on social media, manipulating you into interacting with them online, or trolling you. Online impersonality, GPS tracking, threatening messages, catfishing, and doxing are also behavior associated with cyberstalking." (verywellmind)

I cannot describe this more clearly than that starting on July 4th, everything in my life changed forever. My brain has been in a state of numbness while I try to mentally repair it. Attacked, repaired, attacked, repaired, repaired. Two months after the Reddit was released, the cult began with new fake accounts popping up, threatening messages, impersonations, and me being followed every living step. Due to the actions of this cult, my family was posted on a neo-Nazi website, which is aligned with the ideals of the in later months Panticult. The Virginia woman went so far as to impersonate a woman in Nanuet, New York when her legitimacy was challenged online. She used the Nanuet woman's exact name, location, etc., to pose as a "reporter". She thought she was fooling my mom and me, that she was not BFFDEES trying to fish for information. Later, her YouTube channel would consist of over 15 videos, dedicated to Lillee Jean and Laura Trueman. Below are the transcripts of two videos, and screenshots of the many edits, and awful things she did to my family.

Rebecca Albert Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA
Transcripts of the videos Mrs. Albert produced. On the left she discusses the neo-nazi website KIWIFARMS, and compliments the owner. On the right she discusses how she "fooled" Laura and Lillee with her fake interview, and impersonated identity.

Rebecca Arthur BeckySuetattoo Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA
The various videos done on my family, while at the same time stalking, harassing, and creating a terrible living environment for my family.

So how did this woman in Virginia do it? How did she take an 18-year-old, and make her lose money, create mass hysteria, abuse the PACER legal system like a yo-yo, and wreck someone's life? Below you will find out.

1. Anonymous, and Use Triggering Language

In the early months, there was no name to the cult (PANTICULT, LILLEE JEAN CLONE CULT) the woman in Virginia formed. Before a logo was created, a website was created (further down), and more humiliating, and horrific actions were done against me and my family, it all started with being...ANON!

It wasn't hard for the Panticult to grow - go on Twitter, and join in! Many people felt that it was the internet, not real life. By remaining anonymous, you can theoretically...say anything you want. It's fun as long as you don't get sued, right? It's just harmless fun. Plus, the Virginia woman claimed she was a mom and a real homemaker! In light of these facts, why can't people trust this "sweet innocent woman", in their words?

In regards to the Panticult, AKA Lillee Jean Clone Cult there were a few simple rules:

1. Follow "Bffdees" (Bexsu) lead, and repeat it.

2. Stay anonymous if you can, and keep going 24/7 until the night.

4. Support one another.

At one point two documents were created with points on what to say, how to say it, and. how to stay on target for tagging brands and making me get "removed"

Cyberbullying — How A Cyberstalker Built A Crumbling Lie About Me by Lillee Jean
The person cyberbullying me listing to the public their fake accounts.

*InfluencersE and Holla61236937 are the same person in Ontario. They now are True_grime69. The screenshot above is from the early days (2019) of those stalking me online (before it crossed into physically in person). You can tell they’re proud of their work. The profile picture is of a cat being threatened by a knife. What could go wrong? Why wouldn't you trust them? It's a trendy meme!

Flaming Terminology

Using pro-language such as “please”, and “look”, and then negative trigger words outlined in this article as “flaming” terminology, they easily manipulate the viewer. We begin with a "soft" please, signaling there must be a reason this person is doing this, then trigger words such as “mounting”, “evidence”, and “shocking” scoop in and shock the reader. It's manipulation.

This allowed the head of the cult, and cyberstalker, to ease in the rumors she wanted which were nothing short of:

Fake followers Fake friends Racist and Transphobic Fake fans

Fake "brand deals"

All of these rumors that would become content farm videos can be credited to one woman, "Bffdees", also later known as BexSu, BeckySueTattoo, and D_Awesomelaser.

Rebecca Albert BeckySueTattoo
Cyberbullying — How A Cyberstalker Built A Crumbling Lie About Me by Lillee Jean

Above is another example. We enter a positive/negative of “genuinely disappointed”, to “supporting”. Already, this person is trying to manipulate a situation, by using emotion, to evoke the response they want.

We enter more egregious language such as “documented” (aka you should trust me because), and the main triggers of “racist, homophobic, and transphobic” (in an age of BLM, Me Too, aka, let’s just double whammy throw this all in if you didn’t believe anything else I said). These words are used to elicit a reaction and quickly get results.

Below is one sample of a 24/hour a day, day in the life of my family and me. People I knew were contacted. They were told I am the most awful of things. Stories were constructed that never would have existed if the Panticult didn't exist.

Rebecca Albert Virginia
This is in 2019. Notice the hashtags, PR representatives were personally tagged, and horrible phrases were used against me. Kiwifarms Lolcow mention casually -- both are NEO Nazi websites.

Rebecca Albert Virginia
Daily. People were told to report my accounts, that I am accounts I was not, and that people shouldn't be talking to me.

The Many Fake Accounts

This deserves its own category. Despite finding over 100 PantiCult members, I know now that all of them had ACCOUNTS. This epidemic of the internet could not have ever grown without the fake accounts that enhanced mass hysteria.

Below is a woman from Mississippi who was part of the Virginia woman's cult. As an example, she created so many accounts, tweeting with hashtags focused on saying I am a fraud, I am fake, and with Virginia's original cause, trying to convince people I was a blight on society.  I was 18 years old.

Cyberbullying — How A Cyberstalker Built A Crumbling Lie About Me by Lillee Jean
Cyberbullying — How A Cyberstalker Built A Crumbling Lie About Me by Lillee Jean

In 2019, I probably stocked up on reading more psychology articles than you could imagine, to cope with the onslaught. It wasn't new people by January 2020 (pre Keane's video in February), it was the same group 24/7 a day, and, I already had so much economic damage.

To me, this woman was like a serial killer. She was metaphorically killing me every day of my late teens. According to Psychology Today’s article “some serial killers seek out public notoriety and actively engage in the creation of their public image”.

The "public notoriety", as quoted above, well, see below. This happened. The stalker created an identity. “Diane Awesome Laser". That isn't who she is, but that is who she led people to believe she was, leading the "PantiCult", and "Lillee Jean Clone Cult." I never would have guessed that this housewife turned tattoo artist from Fredericksburg, Virginia, in her 40s, with children, who is active in community events, and, organizes fundraisers, would end up being the founder of the cult to terminate me. I not only lost so much money with severe economic crippling harm but, mentally, was waterboarded by this woman for years.

Beckysuetattoo rebecca albert aaron albert
The woman in Virgina would 24/7 campagin against me with the Panticult, along with her husband who would assume the identity "CHET"

Why did she do it? For one purpose. To badger, and, redirect the power balance, and make it seem like she wasn’t pestering and stalking me for almost a year by that point. The “I’m not fake, I’m a real person saying this!” The accounts owned would include Diane Awesome Laser, @D_awesomelaser, BexSue, Bffdees, Bffdees3, C_Awesomelaser, BeckySuePeePants, BexSu, BeckySue, "Veronica Sawyer", @Ronniesawyer_, @J9Jenny, @TheWaywardEgg as identities. Later, BeckySueTattoo, also known as Rebecca Anne Arthur Thomas Albert would be known as the cult leader.

In subsequent years, the cult the Virginia woman started created tormenting videos under a fake corporation called ShadowRox Strategies, mentioning hacking and hiring trolls. This website can still be seen at

As part of the video below of the corporation, "QAnon" was mentioned, which ties into neo-Nazi websites KiwiFarms and LOLCOW.Farm, where this person was present. Below, you will see not only anti-Semitic hate with an edit of my mother with a star on her chest and muzzle in a straightjacket but, also a live stream of this person mentioning hacking, as they did daily streams. As a result of this campaign created to ruin my life, and make sure I never work in the "beauty industry" again, I did get real threats to my life. This was not harmless "fun". While the Virginia woman thought it was funny being called the “Main Perpetrator of Chaos”, or "BFFDEES and The Temple of Dumb", she had REAL effects on my life! I would later find out she had experience in coordination. She was Vice President of a Virginia company called The Mean Mommies Club of Fredericksburg, VA. Her identity would later be discovered by me due to the tattoos she showed online (the ghost, the shadow key), and usage of the account BEXSUEPEEPANTS, a personal account that had additional disparaging tweets about my family and I, with serious economic harm.

Rebecca A Albert Fredericksburg, Virginia
The Fredericksburg woman created a hostile environment, causing antisemitism, and harm to grow. She would live stream daily, and talk about hacking the Trueman family.

2. Repetition/Publicity: She Liked The Attention

Lillee Jean Cyberbullying - BeckySueTattoo Rebecca Arthur Albert

If you found the situation described above overwhelming, I don't blame you. I felt the same way when I woke up every day and saw a new account popping up every hour. They would tag me and then send me direct messages from various accounts even after I blocked them. The cult would then assemble two stories, one stating that they were blocked by me and the other encouraging people to check out their Instagram accounts and support their "Anti-Lillee Jean" cause. At this point, it sounds like something children would do, but I assure you that most members of Panticult, the party responsible for this, are 40 years old or above.

You might think, it’s all a different person above. No. It was one person who at the time went by “BFFDEES”, then later Diane Awesome Laser, @D_awesomelaser, BexSue, BeckySuePeePants, Veronica Sawyer, @Ronniesawyer_, as identities.

Over time she amassed people in Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and all parts of the globe to 24/7 keep the energy flowing. For example, if on East Coast time it was nighttime, someone in the UK would begin tweeting with inflammatory hashtags, and defamatory statements. All for "the Panticult".

WHY? For publicity, for attention, and to model a cyberstalker: rinse, and repeat, if you say it enough, they will listen.


This part disturbs me the most. This stalker groomed people and manipulated them into doing her bidding. A 60-year-old financer, a pregnant 19-year-old, a mother of 3, two content creators, a makeup artist, a young child from England…the list goes on. She grew her base. Her cult, and even named them “PantiCULT”. It is named after the "U " cult, that the stalker belongs to. There are cult symbols left behind such as logos, and antisemitic branding of the Jewish star inverted.

Why wouldn't they trust a mom or a mom with tattoos a "cool mom!" They could share things with her, while not realizing they were being trapped. Even her husband joined in the fun of tearing apart Lillee Jean, and, her mom.

*"Chet Awesomelaser", Aaron, the husband of Becky Sue, AKA Rebecca Albert, would be later implicated in photos that were used on the "C_awesomelaser" to mock me with horse heads, and various masks. At the same time, brands were contacted, and neo-nazi sites such as KiwiFarms and LOLCOW were booming with her content meant to destroy me.

BeckySueTattoo Rebecca Arthur Thomas Albert Fredericksburg, Virginia

She has the symbol, the name, and as she continued to stretch her platform, she created her first story to spread. "A Beauty Influencer Claims Her Twitter Account Was Suspended After A Smear Campaign By A Teen… On Sept. 17, a beauty guru who has more than 286,000 followers on Instagram received a notice that her Twitter account…" Psychologically this was done to publicly humiliate or shame me as her form of bullying, stalking, and the overall smear campaign. The above article has no grain of truth, but it did Rebecca's bidding. The paper INTERVIEWED HER FAKE ACCOUNTS PROOF. In the article she wasn't Rebecca, she was Bffdees! Her cult shared it out and smeared my name through the mud. Brands were tagged. This was their "PROOF on why I should be removed from PR lists, events, really anything that could kickstart a career in beauty.

Although I spoke with the editor, who refused to hear the full story, and accused me of a serious offense, and I even tried reaching out to the content creator in question, nothing mattered. She was one of them. I'd later find out she was accused of being a white nationalist. On the phone, I made her aware I was receiving antisemitic hate. Makes sense on why she didn't care.

This article spidered into Revelist, and, other papers. It was a complete nightmare. You typed Lillee Jean on Google, and there was Buzzfeed, Revelist, was horrific to see. If the "BFFDEES" account never existed, Rebecca never would have been able to drum up so much attention to herself, to get to the point Buzzfeed watched.

Below is the Virginia woman and her husband Mr and Mrs. Aaron Albert. It is disturbing, and part of why I felt this should be a book, and, a screenplay. These two people tormented me, and, were aware of my age (see screenshot) at just 18 years old. They mock my mother for trying to protect me, they disparage not knowing their true identities, and rejoice in making my follower count plummet by making it their border.

Rebecca Arthur Albert and Aaron Albert Landscaper Virginia
Rebecca Albert and Aaron Albert on the BFFDEES3 account. You can see the husband wearing the "bffdees" sock face to mock my family not knowing their identity, you can see the border being my follower count go down as she continued her campaign.

Rebecca Albert and Aaron Albert VIRGINIA BFFDEES

BeckySueTattoo Rebecca Arthur Thomas Albr and Aaron Albert Virginia
Bffdees identity, and how she was found after 4 years of being anonymous with her husband. The damage they leave behind with the PANTICULT is noticeable to my family and I. Emotionally, and economically.

Bffdees, Diane Awesome Laser, was later identified as Virginia's Mrs. Rebecca Anne Thomas-Albert by her ghost tattoo, shadow key tattoo, and her husband's 90s Harley Quinn tattoo. Since when I was just 18 years old, Mrs. Albert operated under several names, and both of the couple engaged in aggravated harassment against me, and my family, and caused a great deal of economic loss to my family and I. These known names include identity theft of the name "Diane Preston Strauss" from Nanuet New York (she presented herself as this person, being a reporter), @BeckySuePeePants, @D_awesomelaser, BexSue, Bffdees, Bffdees3, C_Awesomelaser, BexSu, BeckySue, "Veronica Sawyer" pseudonym name, @Ronniesawyer_, @J9Jenny, @TheWaywardEgg. Now as BexSu, and BeckySueTattoo on Instagram. This woman put my life in danger. Her identities emailed brands I worked with falsehoods, got an old middle school boyfriend to livestream with her obtaining the "dirt" on my family, demanded public apologies to her for things I never did, and as a result of her daily badgering, caused tremendous antisemitic hate and severe life-changing things to occur in my life due to her creation of the PANTICULT “Lillee Jean Clone Cult”. The cult would take to neo-nazi sites LOLCOW, and KIWIFARMS. In fact, this cult’s merchandise (at one point with my face, and my mother’s face being sold by this woman), can be seen today (linked in here). Her ShadowROX company hired a troll, which can also be seen on its live WordPress website, today, in 2023. It's pertinent to mention, the person "NOK" mentioned above by Rebecca's "BFFDEES3" account, is a user of a neo-nazi site.

Drama Sells: The First Story

If Buzzfeed listened to her and INTERVIEWED the fake accounts, then everyone should. It gave her a more formed “face”. It gave her an IDENTITY. It gave her VALIDITY. It would later be found out that several accounts were linked to several users. This person created a huge cult movement.

For example, a woman in Maine operated multiple accounts under names such as ATRUEMAN, NiceMinnesotan, Leading-economist-12, CheeryMonkey, Antiques_lady, and CherryCupcakes7, SandraSchuld, CeoKindred, diane135899, Rabbits2022, kxh45ybdyj, SandraKellySchuld, SandraNiermannSchuld, Sandman22, bubbletea4ever4, Wesavedogs22 (see here). A person from this cult in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada operated under the names Influencers_e, InfluencersE, TRUE_GRIME69, sm_egg_head, SASHABARONCOLON, Holla61236937, Horse_Wheels.

That's a lot of accounts. A lot of intention. But, if a millennial paper (Buzzfeed) sees they're valid, then why wouldn't everyone else?

Lillee Jean Cyberbullying — How A Cyberstalker Built A Crumbling Lie About Me by Lillee Jean
Cyberbullying — How A Cyberstalker Built A Crumbling Lie About Me by Lillee Jean

She used the content creator, to sell her story. She bid two content creators against me. Thus, enter the “racist” trigger word, which makes her claim seem more valid.

Lillee Jean Cyberbullying — How A Cyberstalker Built A Crumbling Lie About Me by Lillee Jean
Reaching out to Elyse, before writing on Twitter.

“Diane”, is the one who created this drama with the above influencer. She coordinated with Buzzfeed to create a smear campaign. She influenced a woman who sadly never came around, but kept hating. It is worth it to mention, that Tanya Chen, from the Buzzfeed article did not use one piece of the interview she had with me, instead sat accusatory on the phone. I question the validity of a reporter who lurks on Kiwifarms, and Lolcow.

Lillee Jean Cyberbullying — How A Cyberstalker Built A Crumbling Lie About Me by Lillee Jean
Cyberbullying — How A Cyberstalker Built A Crumbling Lie About Me by Lillee Jean

Elyse tagged me in a post and, thus, came for me to begin with. "Diane" made sure I saw that with an empty anonymous account that alerted me to this, and switched the story to, "Hey! Lillee Jean is a bully", for asking Elyse to stop.

See how dangerous online stalking can get? It’s no longer you’re a cyberbully, or, cyberstalker — you’re mentally preying on people.

Along the way, she garnered another content creator to position against me. This is how she kept growing the Panticult. As though I was in some first-person player game.

The content creator created a frivolous lawsuit without merit to sue me for allegedly getting her Twitter suspended, and for “creator's rights”. This was used as a focal point for brands to drop me, and basically to blacklist me in the industry. Rebecca whispered in her ear what to do (gave direction to someone unstable), and helped her garner $3,000 on GOFUNDME, to further isolate, and torment me. My family had to spend money to send a cease and desist to the content creator, and had to be put under further mental distress from the Virginia cult leader. This story lasted several months, and several YouTube videos came out around the time. More people joined in.

The domino effect

As a result of the content creator having a fruitless "lawsuit", and eventually respecting my family's C&D, this became “Lillee Jean is stalking me”, another angle. I never spoke to the content creator once, except after seeing her a year of talking with this woman publicly on Twitter back and forth, I asked her to please leave my family alone.

She molded the same issue with Elyse, just now with someone else.

Tatiana Herrera Florida
Lillee Jean Cyberbullying — How A Cyberstalker Built A Crumbling Lie About Me by Lillee Jean

Tater Tatiana Herrera Florida
Cyberbullying — How A Cyberstalker Built A Crumbling Lie About Me by Lillee Jean

Ruth Torres Tatiana Herrera Orlando Florida Disney
Cyberbullying — How A Cyberstalker Built A Crumbling Lie About Me by Lillee Jean

Another example of a young girl under this woman's influence that the Virginia cult leader set up as another "victim" of Laur and Lillee! Now, the cult had more of a cause. It also along the way caused me to file more police reports, and be subjected to, at such a young age, threats to my life.

Susan Budetti Newburgh New York
Cyberbullying — How A Cyberstalker Built A Crumbling Lie About Me by Lillee Jean

This woman preys on those with mental illness. They all have something in common, be it drug abuse, alcoholism, or someone pregnant, she smelled it, a mile away and had them join her cult. In the cult, she would help pay for baby clothes, in the case of the girl above, and gave them all something these women didn't have: comradery, and family. In Merriam-Webster, Prey, as a noun can be seen as; to seize and devour prey. In this case, the prey, are these young girls, she used as emissaries, who had something missing in their life, that she gave them.

Felons, criminals, and those with actual records make up the cult. Some of the members have been convicted of prescription fraud (the main cult leader "BFFDEES"/Virginia woman), owning a drug house (Michigan cult member) with intent to sell drugs being a charge, resisting arrest when entering public transportation without payment (Maine cult member), and one having their mother most recently arrested on theft charges (Indiana cult member) - the list goes on. When I found out that the main leader, the one convicted of prescription fraud as a felony charge not once but several times, was responsible for having brands drop me, I just gasped. I could not believe this. These were the very people calling New York courts with fake numbers on ordinary things that happen to middle-class families, hoping my mom would be jailed, or even I! That is what Mrs. Albert created. This storm of nasty.

My last example is perhaps the most dangerous of all, another threat, used as a "victim" -- mind you at the same time brands were dropping me left and right and publicly humiliating me:

Katie Howell Mississippi
Cyberbullying — How A Cyberstalker Built A Crumbling Lie About Me by Lillee Jean

This woman, who later admitted to having a drinking problem, was preyed on. This is the woman from Mississippi I mentioned earlier. She was preyed on by Rebecca, and riled up, to the point she threatened to harm me physically. We had to file a police report. That was mocked online, and Rebecca got the woman so riled up, that she put up divorce papers claiming it was a lawsuit against us. This form of hysteria kept the PantiCult alive.

All the women above were interchanged within 2 years of one another. One becomes the focal point of a "victim of Lillee Jean", then was changed over. I had to watch this unfold, before my eyes. Just turning 18. Just really digging my feet into this business.

3. Intention & Impact

By this point, it's extremely obvious the intention. End Lillee Jean, and, Laura Trueman. Why? They're horrible people! That's why! Trust me, I'm just a mom in Virginia!

The impact and intention point of this article is very important. She rallied up minors. People 13–15 to create fake fan pages, to trick me. They'd create elaborate edits, and tag me, while in a separate group called "troll army baby" they'd plot and plan how to organize each other. This falls under intention and dedication. They even had a document "Our Fun Facts to take down Lillee Jean", and called it the crusade to take. medown. In the DM's, there were adults with fake fan pages to "monitor" the children. One of the children broke down, and, sent me these screenshots during the Summer of that year. Otherwise, I'd never know.

Lillee Jean Cyberbullying — How A Cyberstalker Built A Crumbling Lie About Me REBECCA ALBERT

Lillee Jean Cyberbullying — How A Cyberstalker Built A Crumbling Lie About Me by Lillee Jean
Cyberbullying — How A Cyberstalker Built A Crumbling Lie About Me by Lillee Jean

“...those who engage in cyberstalking are technologically savvy as well as creative and come up with a multitude of ways to torment and harass their targets." Very Well Mind

The Dark Side: Hacking, Dark Websites

What happens when people confuse the lines and form delusions between critique, criticism, and straight-out cyberstalking? What defines the lines between defending yourself, and seeking out? What is the reason that people become “caught up” on these platforms that seem, rather harmless?

“When bullying happens online it can feel as if you’re being attacked everywhere, even inside your own home. It can seem like there’s no escape. The effects can last a long time and affect a person in many ways” — UNICEF

I often think of these points. The person who cyberbullied me for 2 years, to isolate me further, started selling merchandise with my baby face.

Lillee Jean Cyberbullying — How A Cyberstalker Built A Crumbling Lie About Me by Lillee Jean
Cyberbullying — How A Cyberstalker Built A Crumbling Lie About Me by Lillee Jean

Rebecca Anne Arthur Albert Fredericksburg, Virginia
KiwiFarms is a neo-nazi website. Here, you can see in 2020, me pleading for them to stop, and asking "bffdees" (I didn't know her identity at the time) to leave my family alone.

Lillee Jean Cyberbullying — Rebecca Thomas Albert
Cyberbullying — How A Cyberstalker Built A Crumbling Lie About Me by Lillee Jean

Beckysuetattoo Rebecca Thomas Albert Aaron Albert
Cyberbullying — How A Cyberstalker Built A Crumbling Lie About Me by Lillee Jean

Above is Rebecca Arthur Thomas Albert tagging brands, and using tags such as fakeinfluencer, and scam to further intentionally damage me. Isolating, head-on mocking, and using satire. Below you will find a PantiCult fake account JamesDee5310, believed to be BFFDEES, admitting to hacking my mother's Ebay account.

Lillee Jean Cyberbullying — How A Cyberstalker Built A Crumbling Lie About Me by Lillee Jean
Lillee Jean Cyberbullying — How A Cyberstalker Built A Crumbling Lie About Me by Lillee Jean

The Panticult Itself

To understand the cyberstalker, you must understand the Panticult. Many of Panticult's "archetypes" of what a cyberstalker should look like, sound like, or, act like don't follow through. These are a group of women who all happen to be middle-aged, with alright careers, most have children, and, should be relatively busy. Below you will see the other cyberstalkers who belong to the "PANTI-CULT", as well as the "LILLEE JEAN CLONE CULT", from 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023. It is poignant for me to list this out, since in 2019 I was quite literally a teenager when they ransacked my life with lies, and, brutal antisemitism.

Each user would concentrate a good half day tweeting back and forth to one another, writing brands, and following me from platform to platform to cause economic harm, and mental distress. Some brands publically tweeted to these accounts, because they were afraid they'd lose sales if they didn't. They were blackmailed. I couldn't even turn my phone off, it was right in my face non-stop. Their usage of several neo-nazi sites caused odd packages to be mailed to my house due to them doxxing my family's address, to subliminal letters of mail, mailed to my home, from sites I never signed up to. This is a complete cause and effect - not harmless fun.

Michelle Swope, Dorothy Dolores Chicago
The panticult on Twitter visibly getting rewards from the woman in Virginia. From baby clothes titled "Jeaniez Tech" (my company used to be Jeaniez), to merchandising.

Below you will find further examples of this cult, and how other members besides the woman in Maine, in a form of "mass hysteria", influenced one another to go a little farther each time. I wasn't a human at this point. I was just an object to be punched repeatedly by these women, and it did not matter who tried to defend me, they were the next target too.

A sample of the various members of the PANTICULT from 2019 onwards that belonged to the neo-nazi sites Kiwifarms, and LOLCOW:

Crystal Rose Mintz (North Carlina/@Konpeimimi), Nicole Marie Faith (Michigan/@Nikitamarie8272), Abigail Burton (Kettering UK/@Saftabi13), Katarina Swint (Utah/@TwilightBride),  Kelly Michelle Remy Moloney Hunt (Ohio/@remygirl77), Ruby Brooks Somers (New Jersey/@pleuvonics), Alexa Chavez (California/@Trashraven)
Members would daily write on Twitter to continue the Lillee Jean Clone Cult's mission.

Members shown above include Crystal Rose Mintz (North Carlina/@Konpeimimi), Nicole Marie Faith (Michigan/@Nikitamarie8272), Abigail Burton (Kettering UK/@Saftabi13), Katarina Swint (Utah/@TwilightBride),  Kelly Michelle Remy Moloney Hunt (Ohio/@remygirl77), Ruby Brooks Somers (New Jersey/@pleuvonics), Alexa “Alejandra” Chavez (California/@Trashraven). All these members of the PANTICULT can be seen on Twitter (search LJ, Lillee, Jean, or Laur) with their own damaging and disparaging tweets today.

Michelle Marie Swope Horn (Florida/@Mylers_mom), Renee Ciwek-Sartini (Rhode Island/@RCwiek), Randi Dawn Parker (Randi Cummins) (Ohio/@bsidesandrare), Katherine Claire McLaren (Chicago/@AbyssalKat)

Members shown above include Michelle Marie Swope Horn (Florida/@Mylers_mom40/, Renee Ciwek-Sartini (Rhode Island/@RCwiek), Randi Dawn Parker (Randi Cummins) (Ohio/@bsidesandrare), Katherine Claire McLaren (Chicago/@AbyssalKat). The above is only a small snapshot of what occurred as a result of the PANTICULT, every day of my life for years. It was overwhelming, and I lost so much. Brands believed the cult, even when they mentioned being one, because they were afraid of losing sales.

erieannimvu, Hannah Jean Skanes-Chambers (Oregon/@GlamorousJasper), Ashley Anne Kunstman (Wisconsin/@dankbees7), Rhiannon Ivey (New Zealand/@JaneLowly),  and Dodie Louise Long-Hampton-Adame-Bartlett (Kansas, Colorado/@erieannimvu)

Members shown above include Hannah Jean Skanes-Chambers (Oregon/@GlamorousJasper), Ashley Anne Kunstman (Wisconsin/@dankbees7), Rhiannon Ivey (New Zealand/@JaneLowly), and Dodie Louise Long-Hampton-Adame-Bartlett (Kansas, Colorado/@erieannimvu). These members daily found ways to hurt my family. See above the daily mocking of them abusively showing off getting brands to drop me, and even some going as far as trying to say a Tide pod should "clean my mouth".


These violent users were found over a year and each has a trail of concentrated cyberstalking within the Panticult.

How does this connect? The Panticult in time was able to amass farms on YouTube to continue the "heat". Views on YouTube have no meaning. It's the impact. The jobs I lost, the money stolen from me from intellectual property being profitied on with each click. Not to mention the mental harm. These companies ranged from Wyandotte, Michigan, in America, to a farm in Canberra Australia, to one called StarWave Media (Crealon Media Group) AKA Anna Oop; OffBeat Media Group (Mark Cuban invested company). This doesn't just end here however, there are tons of "farms" like Keane's Michigan company that either buy videos off FIVERR (cover editor, video editor, scriptwriter, voice-over actor/actress) or, have in-house content creation teams that spearhead campaigns for money.

That is the gift the cyberstalkers above gave me. Corporations now exploiting me like some object that doesn't exist for their own money, while I have none from the Panticult. The Panticult keeps the fake story alive with people such as the woman in Maine, the main leader in Virginia, to keep generating on neo-nazi sites such as LOLCOW. Why? I have found it's not just mental illness, but MONEY.

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