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Dialogue | Dark Comedy/Drama
'American Hustle' (Rosalyn)
Type: Unstable, quick-fused wife. Queens NYC Accent.

Monologue | Comedy
'Schitt's Creek' (Alexis)
Type: Flirty and exaggerated sister dishing about her breakups.

Monologue | Drama
'Babylon' (Nellie LaRoy)
Type: Trauma/vulnerability/Confronting. Queens NYC Accent.

Dialogue | Comedy
'The House Bunny' (Shelley)
Type: Quirky, bubbly, and overall fun "girls girl".

Clip/Dialogue | Drama
'Miss Roxie' (Roxie/Florence)
Type: Indignant and blindsided

Monologue | Drama
'So Lillo Qui' (Jo March)
Type: Moving, inspiring, dramatic, and a leader.

Dialogue | Drama
'So Lillo Qui' (Daphne Bridgerton)
Type: Deeply in love, and finally speaking her mind. British RP.

Dialogue | Comedy
The Trapper Trap (Sabrina/Princess Glamourite)
Type: Pretentious, and narcissistic. She's a wildcard.

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