• Lillee Jean

Lillee Jean x CHOOOSE Today Climate Positive Action

We’re so happy at Lillee Jean Beauty that Lillee Jean has paired up with CHOOOSE Today to spread climate change news, action, and information on how to go climate positive.  See below for her recent post!

#Ad | Are you ready to be @chooosetoday CLIMATE POSITIVE 🤩? I am so excited to team up with Chooose for an exciting climate positive, and reduced carbon footprint journey ahead. What CHOOOSE Today does is with your help through proceeds, they buy up carbon credits, which are permits that allow a country/organization to produce a certain amount of carbon emissions. These can be traded if the full allowance is not used, however CHOOOSE TODAY, rips them up and says buh-bye to big business, for a cleaner, brighter future. Let’s face it, climate change is becoming more and more prevalent. Does one change make a difference? YES IT DOES! For $3.50 on the low end, as an individual you will have the climate effect of 11023 pounds of CO2. This is about 16 flights from Oslo to New York! Ready to become a CHOOOSER?” – Lillee Jean