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Lillee Jean UNFCCC Climate Action Twitter #TAKEYOURSEAT Feature

Climate change is happening quicker than before. Lillee Jean decided to “TAKE HER SEAT”, by standing with the UNFCCC on The People’s Seat, we thank UN Climate Change for the feature. We the people have all the power to make change happen, and to make awareness of climate change louder and bolder than ever. Thank you UNFCCC and Al Gore especially for spreading the word. Lillee Jean is 17, and guess what? Her message is the next year…SHE VOTES.

If you play the video below, you will see Lillee Jean is the closing statement!

People from all over the 🌎 have taken part in creating this address, answering polls, creating videos & voicing their opinions about #climatechange in advance of #COP24> https://t.co/FdtFD5znxY The People’s Seat enables people to take personal #climateaction. #TakeYourSeat pic.twitter.com/zR4qqtex7Y — UN Climate Change (@UNFCCC) December 3, 2018

This is Lillee Jean’s original post which was top on the hashtag #CLIMATEACTION and #TAKEYOURSEAT for over three weeks, and counting!

Hi. You Jeaniez know me as Lillee Jean. I really don’t like to constantly say “I’m 17, hear me roar”, as I don’t like to be defined by my age, but here we are. In a swirl of crazy politicians who deny #climatechange, and call everything fact, fiction. Here is where the people’s seat comes into play. This “seat” represents millions of people whose lives are about to be affected by climate change, if they haven’t seen the affects already. I vote next year, thus you out there trying to make coin on the Earth’s decay, get ready. You cannot deny the polar ice caps melting, or animals migrating, or carbon dioxide levels rising anymore. WE THE PEOPLE. NOT THE POLITICIANS AGAINST THE PEOPLE. #takeyourseat #lilleejean #climateaction @climatereality @unfccc @nasaclimatechange @unicef @unicefnextgen @peoples_climate @noaaclimate #plasticpollution #seventeenmagazine #cop24

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