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Lillee Jean TALKS! Live

Lillee Jean TALKS! Live

2020- | Series | 3 Seasons

Lillee Jean TALKS Live is a web series, created and directed by actress Lillee Jean that is recognized for featuring interviews with Hollywood's most prominent actors, singers, and award-winning directors.


Lillee Jean


Lillee Jean



Lillee Jean Productions



Lillee Jean (series level), Don Most, Shelley Wade, Alan Swyer, Neil D'Monte, Mark Gantt, Staci Layne Wilson, Aaron Kai, Armand Peri, Miriam Gonzalez Durantez, Tyler Gallant, Kerry Benjamin, Tiana Ferrell, Ian Gregory Kay, Rocco Leo Gaglioti, Christy Curtis Buss, Shalini Vadhera, McKenzie Westmore, Laur Trueman, Stephen Voyce, Raquel Aurilia, Andrew Chang, Jen Eagle, Jamal Lyles, Claudy Beats, Raissa Yame



"The web series centers around Lillee's interests in mental health, beauty, and in-depth interviews."

Lillee Jean Talks Live Press

Lillee Jean TALKS! Live Release

"Lillee Jean, announces her notable guests for the second season of Lillee Jean TALKS! LIVE."

Lillee Jean press release

Fox 28 WPGX 

"I am excited about Season 2 and all the diverse talent we have coming on. I hope to touch on important issues facing all of us in society today. I believe fans will find Season 2 exciting and insightful," said Lillee Jean.

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