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Lillee Jean Project Bullyish TEASER #1 | #LilleeJean

Project Bullyish, a teaser. This has been my life for years now. A part that most people aren't aware of, don't know about, and can't even imagine half the time. My goal with Bullyish is to spread awareness about online cults and specifically how middle-aged women are coercing children into them through lies, fiction, and deception. Gang stalking, online cyber stalking, and online harassment are serious offenses. These practices need to end. Bullyish will air at a film festival, and, then premiere digitally in the next year. This is the first TEASER. I am mortified by the lies, hate, and deception that have been spread since I was 15 1/2 years old, then 18 years old, and now at 20 years old. EVERY SINGLE DAY. This story, will tell the true story, of this tragic obsession, with Lillee Jean. Action is occurring, but that part my friends, you will have to wait to see, in the final production. I promise, justice is coming, and for once, I am happy with that.

Lillee Jean Project Bullyish TEASER #1 | #LilleeJean
Lillee Jean Project Bullyish TEASER #1 | #LilleeJean

Truth be told, the online community has no mercy, and doesn't care whether you provide proof, facts, or the truth. An example is the Met Gala. My mom tagged #firework, in a fan edit of me on the red carpet, to say, "Hey, that's Katy Perry", and to allude to "this is an edit." Due to the cyberstalker expending on videos, and encouraging content to be made, that rumor became "Lillee Jean lies about everything." Now, even though in videos it SHOWS my mom saying this, this became a fable, and a fan-fiction piece, enabling poor behavior online.

That is why this matters. I believe no one should feel helpless, take their lives, or have to "come off" the internet from anonymous people, ever again. Reform MUST happen.


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