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Lillee Jean Joins Proactiv For Their 2018 “Packing Out” Charity Event for Underprivilege

Lillee Jean joined Proactiv for their 2018 Back to School initiative on July 25th, which featured a charity event. At the event, Lillee Jean helped pack school bags for underprivileged children in the New York area! Lillee feels that children are the future, even being a young adult herself. She feels that if you can give a child the tools they need, in this case school supplies, then they will be able to rise above problems such as monetary gains/loses, and BE the person they were born to be.

“Even giving someone a pencil, you have CHANGED their life. It’s a ripple in time. A pencil to start the first collage essay, a pencil to start their first important exam…a pencil to write your destiny. I think that Proactiv being PROACTIVE by helping kids WRITE their destiny is amazing, and I love being apart of that. By helping these kids BE the future, by helping them succeed in school, I feel good knowing I DID THAT. I HELPED them!” – Lillee Jean

Photos From The Event

|Back To School Nestle Skin Health SHIELD Center|

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