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Wander Beauty Photoshoot 2019

On June 3rd, 2019, Lillee Jean was given an amazing opportunity by Wander Beauty to do a photoshoot with them emulating everyday looks, and cleansed faces! Lillee demo’d a classic on-the-glow look, as well as a simple nighttime makeup removing routine. We are so grateful for Wander Beauty owners Divya Gugnani, and Lindsay Ellingson for this opportunity, along with the amazing Sarah Brovda who seriously rocks! Below are some pictures of the shoot, and a VLOG Lillee recorded of our journey’s into the city. I also linked below our Wander Beauty POP-UP store post, which is the location of this photoshoot! This blog post WILL BE UPDATED when content goes live.

Wander Beauty Pop Up Store New York City | Lillee Jean

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