• Lillee Jean

Vapour Beauty Photoshoot

We would like to thank Vapour Beauty for the amazing VB cruelty-free products that they sent Lillee Jean for the month of October. These goodies not only save bunnies, but they double as being natural with wholesome ingredients. Lillee Jean is wearing ‘Saucy’ Siren Lipstick, along with ‘Flare’ Elixir Gloss for a reflective finish! Due to the fact Lillee Jean has VERY sensitive skin, Vapour Beauty’s au naturel ingredient base is something she loves share with her #Jeaniez. Lillee Jean knows there are others out there like her who can’t use the “typical” products on the market.

During the photoshoot (see photos above), Lillee Jean for her complexion is wearing her “favorite combination at the moment [of the] Stratus Illuminating Primer under [the] 000 buildable Illusionist concealer. I then like to take the halo glow to illuminate for that Vapour Glow.” The Vapour Glow is something we all want!

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