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Upcoming Event: Lillee Jean at Donny Most’s The Cutting Room 2018 Jazz Club

      On September 8th, Lillee Jean will be joining Don Most at his New York City Jazz performance at The Cutting Room! Donny Most is best known as “Ralph Malph” from the long-running hit television show Happy Days. Featuring his 7 piece band, he will be bringing the songs of Sinatra, Darin, Martin, and more to life through his interpretations and creative arrangements. Here at Jeaniez Mangement we are EXCITED to share this experience with you Jeaniez at home! Not only is it a classical event, but it is a time to rejoice, and come together through song, or in the case smooooooth jazz!  Lillee will be taking lot’s of photos — see you there!

TicketFly: https://www.ticketfly.com/event/1719827-donny-most-new-york/

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