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       What does a Lillee Jean do in her spare time, especially a day before her birthday? GLAMMIE UP! Not only did Lillee Jean showcase her Revlon Live boldly nails, and lips, she touted a beautiful long red mermaid gown that was red carpet ready. To Lillee Jean Living Boldly is about staying true to yourself whether that be with bold lipstick colors or complementary lipstick colors! You don’t always have to bring the fire with color to feel confident. Lillee Jean likes a little of both mixes. Some day’s she feels fierce and rocks Fire & Ice by Revlon, and sometimes she feels princess like and struts Pink In The Afternoon by Revlon. How do YOU Live Boldly?


Behind The Scenes

We told Lillee Jean NO when it came to “trashed” photos, but she insisted behind the scenes go up! I suppose we all go through the issues of long dresses riding up after all Lillee Jean is under 5’0. Scroll down to the photos below, which showcases Lillee Jean’s raw beauty. You might even find Lillee with her Burmese kitty, Silky, trying to get into the photos!

Ending Creds

As a surprise, on Lillee’s birthday tomorrow she will be choosing a few fan artwork pieces to put up on www.LilleeJean.com. If you “Jeaniez” recall, back in December Lillee Jean did fan art of the week! With posting your artwork, along with given credit on her “blog” section, you will not only get exposure but a special comment directed towards you with why your artwork/edit was chosen. Be sure to hashtag #lilleejean, and to tag @lilleejean @thaeyeballqueen.

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