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Lillee Jean Balenciaga Shirt Tweet Highlighted on MSM

A shirt is one thing, but a “t-shirt, shirt?” Sounds a bit weird to us at Lillee Jean Beauty, and to Lillee Jean. She made her stand on Twitter by saying something could be a designer brand, but look the opposite of what you’d expect, which is true most of the time! She believes in buying clothes that LOOK GOOD, even if they’re without a brand name. Thank you, MSM for featuring Lillee Jean’s Tweet on your post. We also would like to thank the other webpages that have featured Lillee Jean’s Tweet!



Proof that a “designer” name means nada ??‍♀️. A shirt shirt. pic.twitter.com/APvPrbDF0D — Lillee Jean (@RealLilleeJean) May 28, 2018

Daily Hunt: https://m.dailyhunt.in/news/india/english/rvcj-epaper-rvcj/spanish+fashion+brand+launches+t+shirt+shirt+for+90+000+gets+trolled+badly-newsid-88939395

RVCJ: https://www.rvcj.com/spanish-fashion-brand-launches-t-shirt-shirt-for-90000-gets-trolled-badly/

Mirror: http://cms1a.mirror.co.uk:8080/3am/style/shopping/weird-shirt-shirt-confusing-shoppers-12614240

Chrispnews: https://chrispnews.info/spanish-fashion-brand-launches-t-shirt-shirt-for-90000/

LPT7 Web News: https://www.lpt7.com/entertainment/spanish-trend-home-balenciaga-will-get-trolled-for-the-most-weird-trend-pattern-ever/


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