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Filmmaking has been Lillee Jean's passion for a lengthy amount of time. She has been enthralled in the industry for several years, with projects like the history of women's makeup, and a short film on plastic straw pollution. Her first stop-motion videos were when she was 9-10, and were based on her American Girl Doll blog, in which she created skits based on the dolls accomplishing elaborate activities and "modeling" outfits!

After several beauty blogs, and growing her media following for the next few years, Lillee Jean developed 'Lillee Tutorials', which is a collection of short makeup tutorials, cosplays, and more she created as a teenager starting at the age of just 14. The episodes aired originally on Lillee Jean Beauty, her website.

Lillee Jean's earliest webseries 'Lillee Tutorials' has over 485 episodes spanning LJ's teenage years, to the age of 20. Amongst her episodes are imaginative makeup tutorials, in-depth skincare reviews, and everyday looks!

2015 - Season 1 (2)

2016 - Season 2 (29)

2017 - Season 3 (1)

2018 - Season 4 (3)

2019 - Season 5 (121)

2020 - Season 6 (196)

2021 - Season 7 (133)

Lillee Tutorials
Lillee Tutorials

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