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Lillee Jeant at Art Hearts Fashion NYFW with Patricia Hartmann

Lillee Jean on September 5th, was invited to the Art Hearts Fashion Week by Patricia Hartmann, 90’s supermodel, and brand owner of Runway Rogue. Lillee had the front seat experience, and saw gorgeous designs from Nidal Nouaihed, to Dan Richter. We are so appreciate of Patricia, NYFW, and the Make A Wish Foundation, for this opportunity!

Below are pictures of the event! The beautiful model in green, for Dan Richter is Terri Lisa. Not only was she so kind, she truly stole the show! The last picture is of Rocco Leo Gaglioti, who did the same photo with Lady Gaga years back.

Lillee Jean, Patricia Hartmann, Terri Lisa

Rocco Leo Gaglioti, Lillee Jean

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