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Lillee Jean Truth - Creepshow Art Rumors & Hate Debunked

Three years ago, my reputation was tarnished. Many people do not realize that a stalker created these rumors, hired people to make videos, and engaged in a nonstop campaign against a teenager, me, for years on end. Lillee Jean NEVER did anything to CREEPSHOW ART, who made 8 videos on Lillee Jean. Hoaxes were made about doxxing her, suspending her channel, and just being "fake". Lillee Jean never doxxed anyone. She has never harassed anyone. This is the reason Project Bullyish is necessary - to raise awareness about online harassment. This video, keys in, on an important point. Creepshow, and the stalker, created a rumor that Lillee Jean, 19 at the time, suspended her Twitter. A Twitter user admitted to attacking and deleting her account. However, Lillee Jean was still blamed. The goal of Bullyish is to raise awareness of online hoaxes, harassment and bullying. To defend yourself is important. Keep your power.




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