• Lillee Jean

Lillee Jean VLOG: Swatting, Identity Theft, PTSD Short Update 2021

I often wonder, let's say I did "buckle". If it isn't me, this cult will go for someone else. It's a mental psychosis, that truly the internet makes worse. This video is off the cuff, blunt, to the point: I've been swatted a ton this month, my identity was stolen, DMCA fraud was committed by this cult, and we are moving forward. Though it might seem more blah than usual, this is how I process things. Staying calm, but talking forward. I have faith the police will round up these reports, and being proactive, is key.

Nobodies suffering is worse than one another, but I certainly can share what is up. Everyone deals with things differently, and perhaps my tenacity can help someone out there. My PTSD, caused by the stalker, is for me to share with you, how I desire. Please respect that. Some ads left on, because yeah, I'm Lillee Jean, and I deserve that. I removed full ads, however.

Every day of my life, I am prodded by this witch, using fake accounts, and now she seeps into my public life. How dare her, and how dare the cult she has developed, even have the audacity. This has been inside me and now has been released.


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