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Lillee Jean So Lillo Qui: Two Moods | Monologue (2023) S1.E14

Lillee Jean with her show "So Lillo Qui" will feature a mini-series within the show called "Two Moods," which highlights her versatility as an actress through diverse and compelling performances.

The latest episode of Lillee Jean's show So Lillo Qui explores the contrasting characters of Catherine from Proof, a popular play by David Auburn, and Belle from Kirsten Palmer's fantasy/comedy play. In this episode, Lillee Jean showcases her versatility by portraying both a quick-witted, stubborn, and impassioned younger sister as well as a happy, bubbly, and innocent young bride. Tune in to witness the range of Lillee Jean's talent on display in these two captivating recent episodes.

About Lillee Jean:

Lillee Jean is an actress from New York City. Lillee has trained at the T. Schreiber Studio, intensively studying Meisner Technique and dialects. Her latest productions include two short films she directed, produced, and wrote including 'Miss Roxie' (2023), and 'Peony and Violet'. As part of her recent show, 'So Lillo Qui' she released episode 13, Bridal Belles.

Watch Episode 13 So Lillo Qui by Lillee Jean:

Watch Episode 12 So Lillo Qui by Lillee Jean:

Lillee Jean So Lillo Qui: Two Moods | Monologue (2023) S1.E14

Lillee Jean So Lillo Qui: Two Moods | Monologue (2023) S1.E14


So Lillo Qui - Season 1, Episode 14 (2023)

"Two Moods"

Producer: Lillee Jean

Director: Lillee Jean


Lillee Jean (Belle/Catherine)



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