• Lillee Jean

Lillee Jean Reveals Barbie’s Real Name

Barbie has a last name…what? Better yet, a middle name?! Yup, and our Lillee Jean broke the internet last night by telling everyone on Twitter Barbie’s REAL name. Barbara Millicent Roberts! Through endless retweets, likes, and Lillee Jean interacting with her fans, she was posted on several news media websites including the HuffPost and the New Zealand Herald. We dedicate this post to all the websites that featured Lillee Jean! Type in Lillee Jean Barbie to get the full scoop. If you ask us, Lillee Jean should be in the live-action Barbie film, but we’re biased of our protegee!

Sources That Featured Lillee Jean:

Someecards.com — 

NZ Herald — 

Huffington Post ES – 

Info Glitz — 

Medialeaks.RU (we’re unsure of this website, but they did a feature and mention of Lillee Jean) —


The Indian Express 

Vajuu —



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