• Lillee Jean

Lillee Jean On Earth’s Mightiest Show | Spiderman Marvel Studios

Is Spiderman’s suit red, or is it blue? Here at IMGINCNYC, we tend to think it’s a myriad of colors…if you look one way red, and if you look the other way BLUE. According to our Lillee Jean, the suit is neither blue nor red, but a mixture of both! It does make you wonder, however, if there is more blue to the suit, does that mean the suit is blue? We want to thank Marvel, and Brandon Ancil personally for shouting Lillee Jean out on their Twitter, and Facebook TV show called “Earths Mightiest Show.” Our little Yelena Belova has great things ahead of her…who knows, Lillee might even destroy Thanos before Avengers 4 comes out!

Now I’m confused. The mainframe looks red, and blue is an accent (the gloves are red, and blue only intertwines on the arm). But if I turn my head the mainframe is blue (more blue than red) AHHH!!! pic.twitter.com/I98F0Kw7El — Lillee Jean (@RealLilleeJean) May 26, 2018

See the full show here: https://www.facebook.com/MarvelEMS/videos/410725662728989/

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