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Lillee Jean: Quit Influencing, Now a Young Actress (2023)

Lillee Jean is an American actress and filmmaker. Raised in Queens, New York City, Lillee started her first blog at the age of nine.

Lillee Jean is a young actress (2023)

She started blogging at the age of 10 with The Makeup Bloggers, subsequently known as "Thaeyeballqueen." She started her YouTube channel and Instagram account when she was 13 years old. At the age of 20, she quit the influencer and cosmetics sectors to focus on acting and cinema.

She stated the following regarding quitting being an influencer to pursue acting:

“I am done with the influencer/beauty guru period of my life. I want to continue to be a director and tell the tales I want to see, as well as a performer, which is tremendously gratifying. I don’t want to be stuck behind a computer screen making content daily. I am not a YouTuber, nor an Instagram model..what kind of future life is that? It’s worth to mention, the beauty/influencer community brings me down. For every makeup video I did, was more hate, more rumors, more lies. The internet breeds a different batch of people. It ignites a parasocial relationship, where people online feel connected to you in an invasive way. I am happier now. I do my own thing, and feel enjoyment. The acting and theater communities drive you to be your best, and unleash an exciting fire for me. I love to filmmake!” — Lillee Jean

Her most popular web series, "Lillee Jean TALKS! Live," has three seasons and features well-known actors and artists. 'Peony & Violet' and 'Miss Roxie', Lillee Jean's most popular debut short films, are current examples of her work.

Facts About Lillee Jean

On April 18th, 2001, Lillee Jean was born. In 2023, she will be 22 years old. She is from the Queens neighborhood of New York City. She is both Lutheran and Jewish. Her mother's family is Russian/Jewish, German, and Ukrainian, whereas her father's family is French and English.

Acting Career

Lillee Jean Blonde Actress
Lillee Jean as Glimmer in her role from So Lillo Qui (2023)

Filmmaking has been a passion for Lillee Jean since her first blog in which she filmed her American Girl dolls performing scripts she wrote. Her first formal production in 2017 was called ‘Women’s Makeup Throughout History’, an exploration of women’s makeup in history. In early 2023, she created a new webseries titled ‘So Lillo Qui’, and debuted two new short films. Both short films had a positive reception, including Peony and Violet, and Miss Roxie.

“I am excited to continue developing and producing these stories! I pride myself in being a female filmmaker, and better yet a Jewish-American woman, who continues to move forward in the entertainment industry. I have several acting auditions lined up, too, which is so amazing!” — Lillee Jean

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