• Lillee Jean

Lillee Jean Hit 281 Million Gif Uses on Giphy

On Lillee Jean's verified Giphy, she hit 281.1 million gif uses, and, views as of this March. We're so thankful for everyone supporting LJ!! See below for some of our favorite gifs this year, thus far, and the correlating blog posts for the tutorials!

1. Meow Catwoman

This gif is apart of Lillee Jean's CATWOMAN Anne Hathaway Inspired Makeup Tutorial

2. Marilyn Inspired LJ

Sassy Sauce gif is one of Lillee's favorites, and is inspired by Marilyn Monroe!

3. Wear A MASK

Inspired by keeping everyone safe, this gif encompasses the importance of wearing a mask! Now more than ever, people need to be mindful, and conscious.

4. Sipping My Tea

This gif is iconic of Lillee Jean.

5. Magical Raven

Lastly, when you want to feel magical, Raven, from the Teen Titans, but make it Lillee Jean gif.