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Lillee Jean At Sarabeth’s in New York City

 Who doesn’t love a good breakfast? Lillee Jean, film director, and longtime family friend Alan Swyer, along with Lillee’s manager headed out to the West Side in New York City to Sarabeth’s for a delightful morning breakfast. Although, Lillee Jean was born and raised in New York, from time to time she loves’s experiencing the more “city” side of the concrete jungle. See below for the silly photos! Added is some of Lillee’s stats for this week, which are monumental to her growth. We like to not look at Lillee as an influencer, or even model, but rather a spokesperson for younger people, and perhaps even the world!

Stats for this week:

  1. Lillee Jean has reached 3K subscribers on YouTube — up +493 since last month

  2. Lillee Jean has reached 233K Instagram followers on her main account @lilleejean

  3. Lillee Jean’s “beauty” blog and @Thaeyeballqueen Instagram has reached 152K

“All of this support means the WORLD to me, Jeaniez! I cannot believe that just last year I was starting up my main @lilleejean Instagram. As always I read through all of your lovely comments, and feel so touched by you love’s! THANK YOU” – Lillee Jean

Lillee Jean with family friend and award-winning director Alan Swyer.

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