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Lillee Jean as Yelena Belova| Black Widow Movie Marvel

        After Lillee Jean’s Yelena Belova pitch to Marvel became popular on Twitter, at IMGINCNYC, we decided to put the pitch formally on Lillee Jean’s website! The Crimson Widow, who is Black Widow’s “sister” was trained in the Red Room and is Russian. Yelena Belova feels Natasha betrayed Russia and is not a true Russian at heart. The Crimson Widow can be seen as the more “vile” side of Natasha since Yelena is born to do her assassin job. We feel that due to the fact in the MCU that Nebula, for example, is evil in the comics, but an anti-hero on the screen that Yelena can adapt that way to Lillee Jean as not being purely bad! Not does Lillee Jean have Ukranian and Russian roots, but she in our opinion and the people’s opinion IS the Crimson Widow.

I am #yelenabelova — if Nebula can be made “good” then my character can be made “misunderstood” and “good”, too ?. This is MY role. #reserved. Plus I have Ukrainian/Russian roots & not to mention the hair! #MarvelStudios @Marvel @MarvelUK @Avengers @MarvelStudios #cosplay pic.twitter.com/TRs2mS715A — Lillee Jean (@RealLilleeJean) June 9, 2018

Link to Yelena Belova hashtag: https://twitter.com/hashtag/yelenabelova?src=hash&lang=en

Link to Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/RealLilleeJean/status/1005491347611115520

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