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How to Watch Mind Over Beaute Lillee Jean’s Webseries 2022 (Season 1)

Lillee Jean Mind Over Beaute
Lillee Jean Mind Over Beaute

Trailer for Season 1 of Mind Over Beaute

Lillee Jean is a filmmaker and actress from New York! Her recent webseries, Mind Over Beaute, blends female empowerment with beauty productions, and is streaming this week! From fan favorites of Confidence Glow, to, new episodes of Fantasy, and Cozy, see the binge-watching list below. The guide below is subject to terms.

Episode Guide List:

1. 90s Supermodel Makeup | Feeling Beautiful

Cindy Crawford’s 90’s Supermodel look, forever lives on as ICONIC! The first episode of Lillee Jean Beauty: Mind Over Beaute, focuses on this stunning monochromatic sultry look, with a modern twist. Makeup should always make you feel confident, and, beautiful inside, and, out! A mindset on redefined beauty standards, fun conversations, and beauty unfiltered is the goal of Mind Over Beaute.

Lillee Jean
How to Watch Mind Over Beaute Lillee Jean’s Webseries | Stream Free Week 20222

2. Glam Signature Beauty Look | What Is Glamour?

Hollywood glamour, with a touch of ruby red lipstick, sparkly gold eyeshadow, and false eyelashes to go! Welcome back to Mind Over Beaute! Today’s episode is on WHAT makes YOU feel “glamorous”. To me, it’s about internally being at peace, and externally having fun! Mind Over Beaute is a new beauty-inspired series, with a strong mindset on redefined beauty standards, fun conversations, and beauty unfiltered. Episode 2 is about glamour, and what it means internally, as well as externally!

Lillee Jean
How to Watch Mind Over Beaute Lillee Jean’s Webseries | Stream Free Week 20222

3. Hollywood Audrey Hepburn 1960's Makeup | Female Empowerment

Female empowerment! I welcome you to Mind Over Beaute, episode 3. Audrey Hepburn, to me, is a stunning example of female empowerment, the episode's key message. From her daring looks, to, her humanitarian contributions, Audrey Hepburn was gorgeous inside and out. Taking inspiration from her iconic Breakfast At Tiffany's 60's look, I adapted my own twist to the concept, embracing me while, feeling empowered through beauty.

Audrey Hepburn Lillee Jean
How to Watch Mind Over Beaute Lillee Jean’s Webseries | Stream Free Week 20222

4. Summer Skincare Routine | Confidence Glow

Skincare is super vital! In today’s episode of Lillee Jean Beauty: Mind Over Beaute, LJ goes into her recent Summer skincare routine, while discussing confidence. She delves into no makeup-makeup tips, and tricks, that require ONLY skincare! Look good, with no makeup vibes.

5. Iconic Pink Makeup Look | You Can Be Anything!

She’s back, and iconic as ever! Barbie pink makeup, with a slice of empowerment! Lillee Jean discusses the idea of "you can be anything" in this episode of Lillee Jean Beauty: Mind Over Beaute, even, if that means just choosing to relax, and having confidence in yourself, to push forward with courage. LJ glams up with hot pink hues, vintage sunglasses, and a hot pink dress, for a fun Barbie-esque vibe!

Barbie Lillee Jean
Lillee Jean

6. Blue Eyeshadow | BE Bold

BLUE eyeshadow! It makes me feel bold, glamorous, and so ready for Summer! Today’s episode is all about the shimmer, the glow, and the feeling of being adventurous. Mind Over Beaute is a new beauty-inspired series, with a strong mindset on redefined beauty standards, fun conversations, and beauty unfiltered.

Lillee Jean
How to Watch Mind Over Beaute Lillee Jean’s Webseries | Stream Free Week 20222

7. Hollywood Lauren Bacall Makeup | Feminine Icon

The silver screen, 1940’s. Red lips, soft flowing waves, and sultry bluish green eyes. Sound familiar? For today’s episode, LJ chose an iconic feminine icon, known for her rebellious beauty, Lauren Bacall. Heavily inspired, with a message to be true to you, this episode offers a different take on beauty; Makeup shouldn’t wear you, it should enhance your best features. It also should make you feel confident, and beautiful at all times! Lauren Bacall’s beauty was made by THE WOMAN, not by the makeup itself.

Lillee Jean Lauren Bacall
How to Watch Mind Over Beaute Lillee Jean’s Webseries | Stream Free Week 20222

8. Bronze Glamour Makeup | Inner Strength

Bronze tones can yield such a sense of inner strength! Today's episode is all about what's inside, and how each of us possesses an inner power, that with fortitude, power can blossom into something wonderful!

Lillee Jean eyes
How to Watch Mind Over Beaute Lillee Jean’s Webseries | Stream Free Week 20222

9. Redhead Smokey Eye Makeup | Alter Ego

Alter ego! The idea of exploring another side of yourself, and embracing that forward. For this episode, I chose a copper bright wig, gorgeous emerald earrings, and a fun smokey makeup look to embrace my own alter ego!

10. Feline Flick - You do you

You do you, girl! Embracing your own individuality is a beautiful gift we’re born with. This episode focuses on the customization of beauty routines, as well as the concept of doing something for yourself, that uplifts your spirits. It’s important to be your own leader! Doing so, I paired matte feline eyeliner, with a bold lipstick, fittingly named “unafraid”.

Lillee Jean
Lillee Jean

11. Emerald Eyeshadow - Creative Pop

Inner sparkle comes from within! This episode is all about feeling the best version of yourself. To enhance, and to embrace! Lillee Jean opted in for a bold emerald green eyeshadow, with soft skin products to embrace her freckles, while showing off a glamorous side to herself.

Lillee Jean smile
Lillee Jean

12. Peach Natural Makeup | Inner Smile

Makeup that is neutral, with a "no makeup makeup" approach! Perfect for Summer, and oh so fresh. In this episode, LJ discusses finding your inner smile and doing things to boost your positivity. It doesn't matter if you're doing your makeup, or surrounding yourself with things that make you glow; these are fundamental emotions that go so deep in terms of beauty.

Lillee Jean smile
Lillee Jean

13. Princess Glamour | Have Courage

Being courageous means being true to yourself! Belle, as a character, is not only a strong woman but, also a courageous personality that follows her own path. Being so inspired, I decided this must be apart of Mind Over Beaute, the webseries! With a light coating of skin corrector, combined with soft golden tones, I not only felt embraced but, my courage was enabled to shine through. Beauty has a deep power! As discussed in the episode Alter Ego, "No matter how you decide to embrace yourself, I think it's always important to remember “the you”, and to not stray from who you are inside. Just to embrace an extension..." - Lillee Jean.

Princess Makeup Lillee Jean
Lillee Jean

14. Soft Pink Makeup | Pretty In Pink

THINK PINK! Or is it pretty in pink? Whether it's pretty in pink or something else, it's SO episode 14. Throughout this episode, LJ explores color theory, as well as how specific hues can evoke certain emotions. With pink center stage, LJ is her own "pretty", with calming soft pinks and gorgeous shimmering purples. Embracing your own peace of mind, is key.

Lillee Jean wiki
Lillee Jean

15. French Beauty | Parisian Chic

A French beauty regimen is sophisticated, timeless, and heavily centered on taking care of you! Getting ready for the evening, as well as taking care of your skin, is a pleasure. Taking inspiration from my web series, Mind Over Beaute, I thought a Parisian chic inspired look would be perfect. There's more to this episode than just a bold lip and smudged winged eyeliner, it's about harnessing your inner power to live life your way. It is important to remember the classic things in life that fit you uniquely and embrace you as a person. I feel French beauty embodies that!

Lillee Jean eyes french
Lillee Jean

16. Cinderella Princess Glamour | Dream Big

Always dream big! There is no better example of Mind Over Beaute than Cinderella. Her bravery, kindness, and courageous personality make her a wonderful model to emulate! Emboldened by my sense of inspiration, I applied a gorgeous milky pink gloss and soft blue tones to my eyes. This episode is all about the glamour, and of course, being good to you!

Cinderella Lillee Jean
Lillee Jean

17. Mermaid Purple Makeup | Fantasy

There is nothing wrong with having fun here and there, and exploring a fantasy side of yourself! In honor of my "fantasy" side, I dressed up as a purple mermaid, complete with pearls, berry-colored lipstick, and lavender shimmer eyeshadow. This is perfect for Halloween, and, as the episode goes, to LET GO!

18. Purple Look | Confident Woman

Lillee Jean's Mind Over Beaute webseries has debuted episode 18! The episode aired live, so fans had the opportunity to watch "Confident Woman" and interact. Lillee Jean focused on colors that make her smile, with a core concept of owning your look, and acknowledging who you are inside! The live stream took place on September 28th, 2022, and we want to thank everyone who took part!

Lillee Jean smile
Lillee Jean

19. Holiday Orange Makeup | Cozy

The holidays are officially here! In this newest Mind Over Beaute episode, cozy is the topic. Feeling cozy to me, means appreciating what you have, and being comfortable in that “moment”. With gorgeous orange, copper, bronze, and soft gold tones, I embraced my own “cozy” for the holiday season!

Lillee Jean Makeup
Lillee Jean Holiday Orange Makeup | Cozy | Mind Over Beaute Episode 1.19

20. Marilyn Monroe | Admiration

Marilyn Monroe was a timeless beauty! With all Mind Over Beaute shows, the meaning of beauty is internal, and, exuded out. The concept today revolves around admiring Marilyn's artistic talent, and the fact that she never gave up despite all the odds. The fact that her look evokes inspiration all these years later is quite incredible, and, especially iconic.

Marilyn Monroe Lillee Jean
Lillee Jean

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