• Lillee Jean

Lillee Jean GLASS OVER PLASTIC OpEd 2018

Hey there #jeaniez, and WELCOME BACK! My website is finally up and running, and should be working smoothly once again! Thank you all for waiting patiently, and still continuing the love on my social media profiles @LilleeJean on Instagram, and, @REALlilleejean on Twitter. For today, pertaining to my “GLASS OVER PLASTIC” straw drawing, I thought I would give you love’s the FACTS on plastic straws. Some images might be graphic but they are a reality.

Plastic Damage

Plastic seems harmless, right? Well, here is a newsflash.  Everyday items such as plastic bottles, plastic combs, hair products and plastic bags, end up hurting animals across the globe. Thus pleading, that I can assure you plastic is NOT harmless. It is harmful.  From BPA (hormone disrupters in the plastic) to releasing CO2 gasses into the air, WE THE PEOPLE need to CUT BACK on plastic! Specifically starting with straws! Did you know over 500 million DISPOSED of straws can be found on beaches, in the tummies of wildlife animals…or in the air (burnt)? Yeah, pretty crazy. What got me passionate about saving the planet, and being more conscious about WHAT I use, and HOW I dispose of what I use was the video linked here: http://time.com/5339037/turtle-video-plastic-straw-ban/. A turtle with a straw up its nose. A helpless sea baby being punctured by man’s greed, and laziness.

What Are The Alternatives

What can YOU do to prevent this? Glass straws, and paper straws, the perfect alternatives. They not only are eco-friendly but one sip at a time you can feel better knowing that you won’t be hurting an animal somewhere across the globe.

Remember, humans and animals are one in the same. They flow in a never-ending circle of LIFE. Without animals, there are no “humans”.  I personally enjoy using GLASS straws, since I have a habit of biting as I drink! The glass straws are reusable, and thus cost-effective over time, and a friend not foe when it comes to saving the planet.

I use these glass straws by Hummingbird: https://www.amazon.com/Hummingbird-Glass-Straws-Clear-Pride/dp/B00KM61F88

Biodegradable paper straws by Nimble Forrest: https://www.amazon.com/Nimble-Forrest-Paper-Straws-Biodegradable/dp/B07CTLWLVG/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1531883255&sr=1-1-spons&keywords=paper+straws&psc=1

Plastic Ban

Action for BANNING the usage of plastic straws is NEEDED. IT is necessary. However, it is unfortunate that once again, it took mankind to see the suffering of sorts, for the idea to knock through their thick skulls. Places such as Starbucks are moving forward on BANNING Plastic Straws, and although this is an amazing move, I do think it’s a rebranding strategy to take the focus off their recent bad PR in the news with antisemitism with a barista writing an antisemitic slur, and racism with a barista calling the cops on a black person just because of their color. Needless to say, will you be going #PLASTICFREE?