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Fanpage Edit of the Week: Birthday Special | April 18

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LILLEE JEAN! Our protegee is now 17 years old and is sworn to take the world by storm. One thing Lillee asked us, as her managers, to do is put up a few handpicked fan edits that she feels represents her best! Lillee Jean appreciates and loves all her #jeaniez. Were you chosen?

A WONDERful Edit

Source: https://twitter.com/LilleeJdrawingz/status/984980832703180800?s=20

“Thank you Turni! Not only has your art skills imporved, you as an artist seem to be much more confident, which is important. Happy soul, happy person! I also love the fact you’re incorporating more color, in a unique mannerism. Purple tips on my hair? COOL SAUCE! Thank you so much for this beautiful edit xoxo.”  — Lillee Jean

Fishy Fun!

Source : https://www.instagram.com/p/Bhe3SMGhd_8/?taken-by=myworldlilleejean

“@Myworldlilleejean you ALWAYS do the best comparison edits. I particuarlly LOVE this one with the beautiful tropical scenery near your handal and of course the words ‘fan case’, hehe. Thank you ever so much for your love and CONSTANT support xoxo!” — Lillee Jean

Geomertric Love

Source : https://www.instagram.com/p/BhfsxV5BY-W/?taken-by=lilleejean.daily

“Talk about an amazing usage of SHAPES! This edit is refreshing, and I absolutely adore it. Thank you @LilleeJean.Daily for staying on top of my new postings and making them even more dazziling xoxo!” — Lillee Jean

More Wonder fun!

Source : https://www.instagram.com/p/BhSJ72kBzE8/?taken-by=lilleejeanedits

“I suppose everyone really dug my superhero photos, huh? Thank you @LilleeJeanEdits for this beautiful photo. Not only did you utilize a retro color filter with grit to it, you showcased geometric shapes, and basically made my photos look like they come right out of a movie poster. Thank you so so much XOXO!” — Lillee Jean

       I want to specially thank @ljeanfp on Instagram for ALWAYS being alert, and liking my postings. You’re the best fan any person could ask for! If you weren’t featured here today DO NOT get discouraged!! I chose the most liked photos, based on how you Jeaniez intereacted (not by Instagram’s scewered algorithm). Also, I want to thank everyone for birthday wishes! I truly am blessed XOXO.

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