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Drunk Elephant ‘House Of Drunk’ Pop Up in NYC FT. Lillee Jean

On Wednesday, June 10th, Lillee Jean went to Drunk Elephant’s New York City Pop-up, ‘House Of Drunk’ specifically the launch party, which included the Lala RETRO reformulated. Drunk Elephant sponsored Lillee Jean, at the Mercer Hotel, in the heart of SoHo, for a few days stay, to not only have lunch with Tiffany Masterson, CEO, but too listen to a broad panel discussion about health and beauty, as well as social gain. Below are images, and Lillee Jean’s VLOGS about the events! We at Jeaniez Management are so honored that Tiffany and Drunk Elephant invited Lillee on this wonderful journey. They all were so beyond kind, from the PR girls, to the little things like a mid-day lunch!

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