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International Cyberstalkers and Radicalism | Project: Bullyish

The internet has revolutionized the global landscape, connecting individuals from all walks of life. While it has brought about positive change, it has also become a breeding ground for radicalism and hate. This digital realm has transformed the lives of countless individuals, both for better and for worse.

These online communities have been recognized for organizing public events to honor renowned musicians who have passed away, to promoting positive ideals related to social change. On the negative side, these digital groups have caused financial damage to certain companies, attracted stalkers and pedophiles, been behind cancel campaigns, as well as, fostered extreme political radicalization.

The question becomes when a stalker uses their own fetish and obsession to further their radicalism (to grow their following to further spread their rhetoric), when do we draw a line and demand change?

Radicals Online

Having a larger following on social media allows for a greater impact in spreading hate and promoting certain agendas. By utilizing specific niches to increase their following, individuals are able to redirect the focus back to their original agenda, ultimately leading to radicalization. This process operates on a subconscious level, where if someone supports an individual's ideas in one aspect, they may also find themselves unknowingly aligning with their ideas in other areas.

According to an article on online radicalization, "Broad concepts that have emerged address the dangerous normalization and acceptance of extremist messages that result from such information management. For example, Von Behr et al. (2013) reviewed the evidence that pointed to the formation of echo chambers online, structures in which individuals can surround themselves with like-minded others and help reinforce each other’s views, thus contributing to an amplification of opinions."

The Tactics. The Threats.

Cyberstalkers Are International and Sometimes Radical | Project: Bullyish
Terrorizing tactics; doxxed where I live.

I have encountered quite a lot of pain and damage from the internet, specifically with radicalized cults who one day chose their target, and it's game over. In one example, an individual from Hamilton, Ontario, and Brampton, Ontario, Canada, displayed such violence and emphasis within the LILLEE JEAN CLONE CULT, also known as the Panticult.

The person identified themselves as one involved with friends in print journalism and having an affinity for raunchy comedy in New York City. They are an unsuspecting cyberstalker. However, they participated recently in the Hamilton Freedom Convoy/Karen Convoy and documented her experience on Twitter and Facebook. They also associate themselves with the "FLUTRUXCLAN". From cults to public uprisings, the apple didn't fall far from the tree. It just happened to fall into my court, and, caused immense damage.

Operating under the names Influencers_e, InfluencersE, TRUE_GRIME69, sm_egg_head, SASHABARONCOLON, Holla61236937, Horse_Wheels, and more, this stalker had immense economic damage they caused my family, and had a huge hand in damaging my reputation at the time. Imagine that. A radicalized individual from Canada...while I am in New York City. They began in 2019 when I was a teenager.

The threats continued on a daily basis on Twitter.

Manipulation. These accounts are all the same person going back to 2019.

They would use the account to torment me and threaten my existence by showing her driving on the highway to where I live. The account would tag brands I worked with to get me fired, and would organize (at the same time as spreading her political radicalism) to make sure I was "removed" from the internet as a teenager. A grown woman attacking a teenager...while discussing both American and Canadian politics with radicalized theories. They gained following from both movements.

As a result of the mass hysteria caused by this person, the Lillee Jean Clone Cult was further developed, and others were encouraged to create fake accounts, contact companies where I worked, and continue the joint effort. In addition to stealing my artwork, my photos, as well as my written word, this individual also benefited mentally from ruining my life, every day, for several years.

Above are all the same person.

These are of the same person in Hamilton, Ontario. Holla61236937 and InfluencersE (later accounts include InfluencersE, TRUE_GRIME69, sm_egg_head, R/SASHABARONCOLON, Horse_Wheels).

Holla61236937 (True_Grime69 and R/SASHABARONCOLON most recently) began in 2019 when I was a teenager. The relentless forceful attacks went on from the brink of dawn to the end of midnight. There was never an interval of serenity in my life from this person. It was a constant attack on my livelihood, and being. Imagine being a teenager, and nonstop, even if you block the person, another account pops up tweeting at you, lies, and telling people to "DM" you so they can "drop" you from their PR list. Not only did this cause extreme economic damage, but mentally, a lot of pain. Above you will see only a portion of threats.

Other Methods To Deviate

Besides threats such as "wiping out the pathetic little thing you call your life...", and photos around where I lived at the time, this person resorted to creating a petition to deplatform my mom and I, like the other Panticult/Lillee Jean Clone Cult global members. I have never met this person in my entire life, however, my basic life functions were disrupted by this person's actions, causing me great economic harm and lasting mental distress.

True_grime69 cyberstalker

As True_Grime69 operated under several Twitter accounts, they began to link her anti-Trudeau and QAnon campaigns. Using the niche of "Lillee Jean Drama" with over 600 members, they was able to discuss her true intentions. The cyberstalker used familiarity with nicknames such as "Laur" for my mom, to further familiarize the other members with the "mission". I kid you not, at one time this was called the "Crusade to Deplatform Lillee Jean & her mother" (context provided below).

The type of hate fostered from the Panticult. My baby head on a pike. "The crusade". A google document. Fake fan pages created by the cult.

Cyberstalking Diane Awesome Laser and SachaBaronCohen

As a Jew, the kind of hatred that this global cult fostered also created a dangerous environment for me. It was frightening for me as a teenager to see them dox my home, put up photos of the interior of the house from Zillow listings, and persistently torment me daily while all my achievements were being sullied. It included being referred to as an "americunt", or my species being "jew", and being listed on a terrible Nazi website. This movement was created by people like the person in Canada, and it has grown as a result of those people. Someone I never met, and never knew.

Her lies, as well as alternative theories, were shared on several Reddit forums with the username "sachabaroncolon" aka "true_grime69", as shown above. At first, these theories seem naive, such as "Lillee Jean bullied a creator," "Lillee Jean has an interesting solution to the genocide in Palestine," and "hipDot sent Lillee Jean new PR." However, they become harmful when you connect the "bullied creator" story to the BLM movement, harmful when you have a Jewish girl in the middle of the "freepalestine" movement, and harmful when you have "HipDot and Lillee Jean" in the middle of the cult trying to get me "de-platformed" through petitions and letter writing campaigns to friends and companies I worked with. As a result of 3-4 years of concentrated attacks on Twitter, the meaning becomes all too real. I lost so much.

As soon as this threat was posted, I filed a new police report with my precinct. In the past few years, True_Grime69 has threatened and mentioned coming to NYC. All threats have an immense meaning to me, like the one above with her holding a gun saying "thinking of...", and the day before going on a tyraid claiming "LILLEE JEAN IS FAKE" on the neo-nazi website LOLCOW.

Doxxing and Obsession

It's important to mention that at the same time as the neo-nazi LOLCOW forum(s) continued, the person in Hamilton was involved in doxxing and exploiting my personal papers online. Even using Google Maps to see the outside of the area. The irony is simple. See the screenshots below of what is posted on Reddit this week, by "sachabaroncolon" aka "true_grime69", a main cult member, to what is written on the neo-nazi site LOLCOW.

These types of cyberstalkers do not care about the gun being held with implications, Jewish hate crimes, or me being threatened with drowning. They only care about destroying me. See the plethora of doxxing that occurred over the last few years below by this online organized criminal cult. Their response "it's public information, get over it." When they're the subject? It's doxxing!

In the screenshots below, see one image with the neo-nazi website LOLCOW, with Google Maps doxxing my family, and the other showing them discussing in-depth apartment addresses my family had. Both are within the last 6 days. In the Reddit from yesterday, one day ago, see the cult member from Canada using trigger words such as "doxxed", exactly what they're doing online, and "a woman" to insinuate "poor" random people are being targeted, and attacked. Her tactic is to create a mass hysteria like her 2019-2023 glory for the comradery that they once had. This is intentional and guided.

The worst part? The screenshots now create a story to tell. "They're squatters", "they cheat and lie to the government", "oh yeah, she will be arrested for sure!". These are people reading papers online with no context, no story, and half short of a neuron. The problem is the story continues the cult's mission. Now, they have a purpose...even if their ideology is wrong. I have no respect for people like this, but the problem is, they never go away. You don't have to talk or be near them. Or in my case, even know who they are.

Above is KIWIFARMS. It is a neo-nazi website where several trans women have committed suicide as a result of the nonstop torment and life-altering tragedy these people cause. The Panticult AKA Lillee Jean Clone Cult, used Kiwifarms to share where I lived with known cybercriminals, even with images of the outside of the home. They tried to match the photos I took to interiors as well. These are the consequences of "harmless" online gossip that turns into cyberstalking.


They even started using the occult to further their message. Literal witchcraft. They sent emails and DM'S trying to "tell" my future, change my future, and in some cases created sour jars, dolls, and conducted coven spells to further their intent. Tarot readings took place in YouTube videos.

In many ways, this is next-level insane, but it is a danger. To what extent will these people go? We forwarded this to a detective working on a case within the year to add to the investigation.


Furthermore, the cult, including the individual in Canada created YouTube playlists to correspond with their Twitter accounts, furthering their message, and crusade. They were SEO'd and were used in conjunction with emailing brands, friends, and even family.

To date, the cult still holds a discord server to assemble, and, discuss further conspiring against me and my family. Considering the original discord had a document called "The Takedown of Lillee Jean", and "lillee jean controversial queen legal intimidation mass", it's jarring, and now in 2023, it's mind-boggling.

To get into the Discord server, much like a cult you've seen in the big screen exposed (like NXIVM, UNICOLE), they ask to interview you. For this one, it's the phone through Discord. Just in case you're "Laura or Lillee". As though it's a secret society.

They ask why you hate Lillee Jean, what your favorite "era" of the saga is, and why you hate Laur. They might also ask if you've been in the drama before. The interviewer at some point will mention for you to know how tight-knit they are, and how they support one another. Then at some point will say someone else is listening on another phone.

These individuals from all over the globe, acting as cyberstalkers against one family for several years, are using the drama as a crutch for their own psychosis. It doesn't matter who they hurt, they need what type of dopamine they receive from this made-up story they created, to function in life.

The Anti-Lillee Jean server includes CheeryMonkey/SandraSchuld1 (referenced here)

Further hate this cult has spread amongst other Discord servers, and Twitch streams, GLOBALLY. It inspired others to jump on, and start "criticizing". Below you will see a sample of "criticizing" with snarky remarks. These chats helped cause economic damage, as they led to higher views on YouTube videos (200+ done), and more Twitter users joining whether they knew it or not, the PantiCult.

For those not familiar, the comment about KIWIFARMS and Delusional Artists can be seen in context here. That was when I was 15 1/2, and the moderator said he wanted to r*pe me. The remainder of people's comments are still visible on the thread when expanded. It is not a joke.

Conclusion Statement

The ideology that a stalker uses to make the victim the "bully" in a reversed situation where you can't defend yourself, only they're righteous, can be identified in this article, "Bullying is the repeated infliction of harm or distress on another person with the intent to control, intimidate, or otherwise damage". It is like having power when you have control. A drug. A mental adrenaline. You have the perfect mix of a cult, giving these people, like the one in Canada, friendship, and "the power" for once in their life.

I would like to conclude that there are radicals on the internet. It is vital that people remain vigilant and safe. Just because someone might like the same things as you, or follow the same stories, they don't know you. They're not your friend, in that way. They're someone on the internet feeding you what they want you to see.


©2023 Lillee Jean. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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