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Bullyish - Online Bullying - You're Not Alone, Write Your Own Story 2022 | Lillee Jean

Bullyish - Online Bullying - Write Your Own Story Positive Quote 2022 | Lillee Jean
Bullyish - Online Bullying - Write Your Own Story Positive Quote 2022 | Lillee Jean

"There is no way in which you can let others live your life for you, run your life, or dictate your life. Each of us only gets one shot at it, so it is up to us to learn and write our own story." - Lillee Jean (MEDIUM)

Online bullying, cyberbullying, and cyberstalking cause victims to feel isolated, lost, bewildered, and even downright rundown. Having been born in a digital age myself, it has taught me one thing: you can't let these people take control of your life.

You cannot let these people attempt to write YOUR story. It is YOUR story to write. In spite of sometimes feeling secluded, your power lies in not letting the bully win. Stand strong, speak out, and never falter.

You're not alone, and you're strong.

Particularly with the online medium, it's extremely easy for fellow peers to create accounts in organized manners to harass, torment, bully, and belittle one another. For everyone one person, the pattern follows as such:

1 peer = 1 main account, 1 "spam" account, 1 "alt" account, 1 "backup", and lastly, an account to share depressive feelings, and thoughts. That's 4 accounts per child, and sometimes adult.

Highlighted in CNN's This is Life with Lisa Ling, parents are often unaware that this is happening, and in some cases spouses, or, family members equally are stunned. It may seem as though their child (or family member) is sunny, carefree, and happy, in person, however, on the digital highway, that same day, their family members' digital world is loaded with negative posts, unbeknownst to them.

The platforms people use are no help. From a faulty reporting system on all social media platforms, that enables cyberstalking to continue (enabling excess, and compulsion), too, platforms such as TikTok recommending in the algorithm self-diagnosing videos, mainly to teens, affecting their mental health negatively, it puts in focus a simple word: action. Online bullying goes hand-in-hand with social media consumption, addiction, as well as compulsion.

The greatest tip is simple. Speak out about it.

More than 60% of teens never share they're being online bullied. By normalizing speech towards this subject matter through outreach to either a fellow trusted student, a school guidance counselor, or a close relative, online bullying will be held in different regard. Limiting social media usage also might be beneficial.

You're not alone. Remember that.

Lillee Jean - Gen Z Online Bullying Accountability | YOU ARE STRONG | Bullyish
Lillee Jean - Gen Z Online Bullying Accountability | YOU ARE STRONG | Bullyish


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