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Lillee Jean's Bullyish - Don't Doubt Yourself Quote 2022

"Cyberbullying has made me realize that I should stop doubting things I do. I need to embrace who Lillee Jean is, not who someone on the internet, that doesn’t know me, wants to see me as." - Lillee Jean (THRIVE GLOBAL)

Cyberbullying oftentimes makes individuals feel lost, alone, scared, and the biggest of them all, ironically, small. It's crucial to never doubt yourself, and, to never lose who you are inside, when, dealing with such hatred and defiance, that mentally wears you down.

Let go of anything that compromises your integrity.

Lillee Jean's Bullyish - Online Bullying - Don't Doubt Yourself Quote 2022
Bullyish - Online Bullying - Don't Doubt Yourself Quote 2022 | Lillee Jean

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