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Lillee Jean - Cyberbullying + Artificial Intelligence Article (Bullyish) 2021

The phenomenon of cyberbullying is not often spoken about, but, lives amongst us effortlessly today. We, as progressive individuals, have the ability to change it. To begin, we have to speak out about the injustices occurring online, and, become pioneers in creating a feasible law that protects the civil liberties, and rights of those who are attacked and bullied online constantly.

To make this a productive union, platform owners must enforce their own rules which include: hate page removal, hateful chatter, and discriminatory language to be removed from their platforms; their own TOC should be enforced, and they should be held liable for their negligence in the reporting process, during a "campaign" of online bullying. One report should be enough, when a real human, not AI, reviews it. In addition, AI, should be trained to notice the following: if multiple tweets target a person's name negatively, it should be investigated; if multiple accounts show up from the same IP address with hateful content, it should be investigated; and if multiple hashtags are used in a rotation that targets a person, it should also be investigated.

Nobody should feel FORCED to leave the internet, all because one person, with several accounts says so.

"About 37% of young people between the ages of 12 and 17 have been bullied online. 30% have had it happen more than once.[1]

Bullyish - Cyberbullying and Platform Accountability
Bullyish - Cyberbullying and Platform Accountability

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