• Lillee Jean

Lillee Jean Bite Beauty Lab NYC

Lillee Jean was invited to the Bite Beauty lab in 2018, to create shades, that, for a limited time, people in the store could ask for that shade match, in 2018. You can see here and here.

Lillee Jean Bite Beauty Lab NYC
Lillee Jean Bite Beauty Lab NYC

Thank you Bite Beauty Lab in NYC for having our girl, Lillee Jean strut her stuff across the shop! We also at Lillee Jean Beauty would like to thank Lillee’s fans for the support by showing up outside as LJ created her own lipstick shades. From an everyday warm nude named ‘Lillee’ to a personal red hot lip named ‘p+l’ we had the best time creating lipsticks with Christina thanks to Jana connecting and personally inviting Lillee Jean to the store! See below for some photos of Lillee Jean’s experience.

How It’s Made

First off, your Bite expert will ask you a few questions.

“What shades would you like?” asked Christina.

Instantly Lillee Jean connected with her fellow warm-toned gal and asked for a copper, a warm nude, a holiday red, and a sexy va va voom deep reddish brown! During the next stage, Christina, or your bite expert will mix together certain shades based on your requests with blank pigments. Your Bite expert will also have you prep with a cherry lip scrub, and the Agave lip conditioner for a blank base before testing shades.

When it came to feeling out colors, for Lillee’s perfect nude, Christina had to mix a few times the same base for the right depth! Also, for the perfect copper, Christina walked through the process with Lillee to form a warm sparkling delight of a color to soon be named ‘Fairy’. Once you pick your shades, you then add scents. From citrus, to lime, to vanilla, our gal went with the classics of Vanilla, and Coconut! You then are prompted to choose lipstick names (they are embroidered on your lipstick), and to wait as the colors heat up and melt into place!

Here are the shades Lillee Jean made with Bite Beauty:

Lillee = perfect warm peachy nude

Fairy = Bronze coppery shimmer

P+L= Deep warm red

Bite Me = Warm holiday red

Lj = Cognac warm tone to use under ‘Fairy’