Cosplay & Beauty

Lillee Jean is most known for her beauty blog, There, she offers diverse content for her fans. This content includes cosplay's year around of popular characters, such as Frozen 2 Elsa, to the basic necessities of skincare faves, and wearable tutorials. Lillee likes to take the "work slow, and, work with what you have" approach, which offers a calming community. From this, she has expanded into ASMR, as well as singing covers. 

“Everybody has one beautiful feature, it’s how you go about
seeing that feature.” - Lillee Jean

With an approach of skin-first beauty, Lillee Jean truly has a style of her own. Smokey, smudgy, and deeply inspired by her hometown of New York, with a touch of sophistication. She also does soft bridal looks and glamorous glowy focused tutorials!

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Lillee Jean Cosplay and Makeup