Lillee Jean

Actor. Producer. Director.

 Lillee Jean has directed, produced, and written her own impactful shorts. The films range from an educational piece about plastic straws, to, a look at women in history, juxtaposed against society's perception of an era, and the truth.

She created Lillee Jean TALKS!, a web series that interviews notable individuals, from award-winning directors to renowned actors and singers. At the moment, she is working on Project Bullyish, a documentary about online bullying.

No To Plastic Lillee Jean EYE and Poster
Project Bullyish by Lillee Jean
Women's Makeup Throughout History by Lillee Jean
Lillee Jean TALKS LIVE


Type: Parts, Beauty, Petite

  • January 1 2020, Vol. 01, Iss. Lillee Jean NEW YEARS Issue, pg. 50, by: Fashion Haunts Magazine, "A Haunting New Year With Lillee Jean"

Lillee Jean was the cover model for Fashion Haunts Magazine, and graced over 4 pages with full spreads, and interviews.

  • October 15 2020, Vol. 01, Iss. Celebrity Issue, pg. 72, by: Malvie Magazine, "MALVIE Mag The Celebrity ISSUE Vol. 01 October 2020"

Lillee Jean was the back cover model, and was given a full 2 page in depth interview. This edition was meant to be relaxed, and celebrity life during covid. All images were provided by LJ, and modeled by LJ, to show an authentic experience.

  • June 30 2016, Iss. Indie Collective, pg. 8, by: Indie Blush Magazine, "Indie Blush July August Final 2016"

One of LJ's first modelling opportunities came from Indieblush magazine in 2016. She was on a 3 page spread, interviewed by celeb photographer by Oscar Benjamin. 

  • (October 2016) Modeling: Sephora "October 2016 Mailer." [Pinterest center image]

LJ's beauty board image, was on Sephora's 2016 mailer, as the front and center model for their Halloween Inspiration board.

Sephora 2016 Email Mailer Feature Lillee

Additional Works:

A promotion where LJ spoke for 7 minutes about the hardships she had gone through growing up. From being pre-diabetic, to now and how she achieved success.

Submitted a selfie, for a chance to be featured on the Times Square Billboard. Out of thousands, Lillee Jean and a few select others were on Covergirls Flagship store in New York City.

A promotion where LJ spoke up about climate change, and the UNFCCC put her in their Tweet for #TAKEYOURSEAT day.

A performance of Korean Fan Dancing held in middle school, during dance class. LJ took ballet, jazz, and modern dance, too.

Malvie Magainze Lillee Jean
  • (2019) Billboard - "Covergirl Cruelty-Free Selfie Billboard In Times Sqaure, New York"

Project Bullyish (Documentary/Short) - In Production (2022)

Lillee Jean TALKS! Live by Lillee Jean (Talk-Show Internet Series) (2020-)

A Day in the Life of A Content Creator by Lillee Jean (Short) (2020)

No to Plastic Straws - Plastic Is Ruining the Earth by Lillee Jean (Short) (2018)