1Change4Change Enviornmental Awareness Project by Lillee Jean

One of Lillee Jean's passions, being a GEN Z, is the environment. When she was 16, 1Change4Change was founded, as an Instagram awareness, and reposting page.  Her concept is, it only takes 1 change, one can make environmentally, such as, using a tote during shopping, rather plastic bags, 4 change to occur.  We can all work together for a better tomorrow by making small, but, meaningful changes, to the things we do today that could harm the world we live in.

We will update this project as it develops. Please check back for more information! At this point, a resource page is located at the bottom of the page, which offers directions on how you can become involved and be proactive about saving the planet.

"I think that parents can inspire their children by showing that they are making an effort. Children will adopt whatever their families do, and it becomes a natural part of their life. Teaching their kids to shut off lights when not using them, using sustainable items, such as cloth bags, instead of plastic, to hold things, using glass instead of plastic when possible. These are all things that parents can teach their kids, to make a better world for them."


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What resources are available to continue spreading a positive message about the environment? Below is a compiled list of trusted sources, such as the WWF, and EDF. We're one.

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The leading organization in wildlife conservation, and endangered species.

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Works to end environmental pollution by practical policies to protect the environment.

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Works to build a bold and diverse global grassroots movement to stop climate change.

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Works to protect Earth’s rainforests and supports the rights of their inhabitants.

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